Here at Second Hand Dark Room we offer durst, s/h enlargers, second hand dark rooms and much more. Yes, very much so. I do/did all my prints on this one. The colour mixing head ‘ scatters’ the light nicely which has the added side-effect of making. Selling a durst m colour enlarger and timer has been kept in very good condition and is in good working order Selling due to purchasing a smaller bw.

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You must log in or sign up to reply here. A paper easel is useful for holding paper flat and to stop it moving under the enlarger.

Some Ideas for the Darkroom I have pulled together a short talk of about 18 minutes to show a range of things that are possible in the darkroom given a bit of time, patience and practice.

And, of course, that filters take away some light. What do you think about this enlarger? Tongs Tongs are a good idea to avoid putting your fingers in chemicals. eurst

Black and white enlargers like the M BW usually have condenser lenses that focus every bit of dust on dust of the glass and film surfaces in the optical system. If you have a good lens on your camera and want to make good prints, buy a good quality enlarging lens!


A video and illustrated article covering 6 different enlargers for printing black and white negatives on Ilford Multigrade variable contrast papers. You will need an enlarger if you want to make prints larger than the size of your negatives!

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Foot-switches are helpful but definitely not essential. New enlargers are usually supplied without a lens. Find all posts by Lostlabours. Please enter a valid postcode. This does exactly what it says on the box, it magnifies the grain of your negative as it is projected on the enlarger easel.

Durst MBW or Colour – Film and Darkroom User

Clock or Process Timer A clock, timer or stopwatch is used to achieve accurate timing for film processing. See more of Dave’s work and buy handmade black and white prints online at www. Best of both worlds in one enlarger Mike. Thank you all, guys, your answers have all been really helpful.

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. You will need a lens for dursr negative size that you will be printing. This amount is subject to change drust you make payment. The CMY settings for different grades depend on the paper you’ll use. It also subdues grain nicely, whereas condensers enhance it. I have pulled together a short talk of about 18 minutes to show a range of things that are possible in the darkroom given a bit of time, patience and practice.


Jul 12, 4.

Durst M670 Darkroom Enlarger

These are the easiest to use but are by far the biggest and heaviest of the bunch. The only drst is that you will need to print on a higher contrast grade of paper than with a condenser, as diffusers are softer by default. Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. Find all posts by namir. One last thing, you can print on variable contrast paper and then set the colour filters in the head to pre-determined settings to emulate the different grades.

Back to home page. Similarly, light-leaks around doors need to be covered. Vurst, my password is: I used a condensing enlarger for years.