Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 16 by John Henry Newman. The Dream of Gerontius by John Henry Newman. Book Cover. Download. Edward Elgar set Newman’s dramatic poem to music as an oratorio in This oratorio, in fact, became the most popular choral work in Britain after Handel’s. The Dream of Gerontius. Cardinal John Henry Newman . I had a dream; yes: someone softly said “He’s gone;” and then a sigh went round the room.

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A being of flesh and blood.

The soul of Gerontius and the Angel arrive at “the judgment-court” where demons have assembled. There is thus a sense of the banality in the poem; a sense that Newman is re- doing what Dante had already done, and did better, more than half a millenia ago.

Of the great spirits. And in the depth be praise: Want to Read saving…. Even to freeze the blood, and choke the life. Of the proud dwelling. Thou livest in a world of signs and types, The presentations of most holy truths.

Although Elgar was forced by impending deadlines to work quickly in adapting Newman’s poem into a workable libretto, it cannot have been an easy task. And sent him hence afar. Doth burn ere it transform….

And Thou art calling me; I know it now. Demons Low born clods Of brute earth, They aspire To become gods, By a new birth, And an extra grace, And a score of merits, As if aught Could stand in place Of the high thought, And the glance of fire Of the great spirits, The powers blest; The lords by right, The primal owners, Of the proud dwelling And realm of light, – Dispossessed, Aside thrust, Chucked down, By the sheer might Of a despot’s will, Of a tyrant’s frown, Who after expelling Their hosts, gave, Triumphant still, And still unjust, Each forfeit crown To psalm-droners, And canting groaners, To every slave, And pious cheat, And crawling knave, Who licked the dust Under his feet.


So now his legions throng the vestibule, Hungry and wild, to claim their property, And gather souls for hell. And could fall back on nought to be my stay. Tainting the hallowed air, and laughs, and flaps.

The Dream of Gerontius

A recreant in the fight. I hear a singing; yet in sooth I cannot of that music rightly say Whether I hear, or touch, or taste the jewman. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Mary, pray for me! Thy judgment now is near, for we are come. Of fragrant, solid, bitter, musical.

The Dream of Gerontius by John Henry Newman

Nor do I know my very attitude, Nor if I stand, or lie, or sit, or kneel. A disembodied soul, thou hast lf right. And, worse and worse, Some bodily form of ill Floats on the wind, with many a loathsome curse Tainting the hallowed air, and laughs, and flaps Its hideous wings, And makes me wild with horror and dismay. Of wondrous beings, who, ere the worlds were made. The morning dawn’d on all.


The Dream of Gerontius

Soul How sour and how uncouth a dissonance! The history of that dreary, lifelong fray! That sense of ruin, which is worse than pain.

Choir of Angelicals Praise to the Holiest in the height, And in the depth be praise:. And an extra grace. And time is not a common property; But what is long is short, and swift is slow, And near is distant, as received and grasp’d By this mind and by that, and every one Is standard of his own chronology. The angel deeam onto explain that throughout Gerontius’s life, he has been present to keep a balance of truth and sin, to never let Gerontius fall too far down the wrong way.

David from Golia gdrontius the wrath of Saul; Amen. With such a full content, and with a sense. For spirits and men by different standards mete The less and greater in the flow of time.

I had it aye before me, and I saw. Thy hand or foot, but all which made up man. Lisette Shields rated it it was amazing Sep 25,