Dimitrijevic, Colonel Dragutin, (a.k.a. Apis)() Chief of the Intelligence Department in the Serbian General Staff. Founding member and charismatic. A founder member and leader of the Serbian Black Hand secret society, Dragutin Dimitrijevic (), also known as ‘Apis’ (assigned to him as a youth on. Dragutin Dimitrijević known as Apis was a Serbian colonel. He was a leading member of a military group that organized the overthrow of the Serbian.

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The killing was particularly brutal. Just short time before Milosevic started devastating wars to submit his neighbours to his will, he sent the Chief of Serbian General Staff to Moscow to consult the Russians.

Dragutin Dimitrijević – ‘Apis’ | marywcraig

In effect, Black Hand was a semisecret organization that carried out policies supported by the Serbian government. Serbian territory has always been the fertile ground for extreme ideas, or better said, extreme actions without much thinking where these actions might lead them.

Within a few weeks one of the deadliest and most destructive wars in history had begun.

Controversies and Consensus, one of the xragutin relevant scientific work regarding the causes of World War I. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I can remember seeing a cartoon from the ‘s, which showed Europe as powder keg, with the Balkans as a lit fuse. He visited Germany and Russia where he studied the latest military ideas.

And that is exactly what he accomplished.

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File:Dragutin-Dimitrijevic Apis Portrait.jpg

Lee, and Abraham Lincoln as the most evil people of, dragutij, American history. Desire for military reform was only one of many interests for Dimitrijevic-Apis.

I think that your thesis is mostly true, Brian Keith O’Hara. Without him there would never have been a Stalin or a Hitler.

But they had been. The accounts I read about him were that he was very intelligent, articulate, charismatic and good-humoured. Their car drove along a wide avenue called Appel Quay on that warm and sunny summer morning, dimiyrijevic the north bank of the River Miljacka.

Maybe you’ll learn something He therefore gave instructions for the three young would-be-assassins to be arrested when they attempted to dragitin the country. The plan was finally carried out in June Black Hand organized itself into small cells chapters or groups of three to five members who followed orders from district committees, which in turn were led by an executive committee dominated by Colonel Dimifrijevic T.

He was a fanatic, and I believe that he was encouraged by Russia, the empire dragutni has been humiliated in Crimea war and wanted revenge against Western powers. Within a few months, however, another organization—this time called White Hand—had sprung up with similar goals.

Aleksandar had ascended the throne of Serbia in when his father, King Milan, had abdicated.

The Austrians, not dimirrijevic Serbians, began the war. Shortly thereafter, however, the Serbian military formed a new faction, which they called Ujedinjenje ili Smrt—Unification or Death. Years later, I gave them to the kids of friends who were going through a rough time. The total number of military and civilian casualties in World War I was over 37 million.


Captain Dragutin-Dimitrijevic Apis

Please try again later. Notify me of new comments via email. The first world war began with dimitrijevid european powers blindly stumbling towards disaster as a chain of unforeseeable events progressed. Almost instantly, the car left for the governor’s palace. Thus, inthough only a newly commissioned lieutenant, he was assigned to the General Staff. For hundreds of years the Turkish Ottoman Empire had ruled the region, but by the beginning of the twentieth century, the Ottoman influence had begun to fade.

A stream of blood shot from the archduke’s mouth, the result of a neck wound.

Following the character of its raison d’etre it will exercise its influence over all the official factors in Serbia—which is the Piedmont of Serbdom—as also over all the strata of the State and over the entire social life in it. Thank You for Your Contribution!

You use Wikipedia as a cragutin and then draw a conclusion that this guy was the most evil man in history? Learn More in these related Britannica articles: They only envisioned crippling a rising power that they saw as a threat to their state. Description Dragutin-Dimitrijevic Apis Portrait. They were found not guilty due to the lack of proof of their involvement in the assassination plot.