A menacing menagerie of dragons for your D&D® campaign. Draconomicon 2: Metallic Dragons describes several varieties of dragons, including gold, silver. Draconomicon II: Metallic Dragons describes several varieties of dragons, including gold, silver, copper, iron, and adamantine dragons. It also introduces. Draconomicon II: Metallic Dragons (4e) – Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons describes several varieties of dragons, including gold, silver, copper.

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Joshua Belden rated it really liked it Nov 12, Dragons Revisited Paizo, Dec 26, Kaitlynn rated it it was amazing Shelves: It has detailed rules for creating and playing dragon PCs and NPCs, including various draconic character classes. The number of eggs laid each time depends on the race of the dragon, but is usually low between one and ten.

The black dragon, blue dragon, brass dragon, bronze dragon, copper dragon, gold dragon, green dragon, red dragon, silver dragon, and white dragon are fully detailed in Paizo Publishing ‘s book Dragons Revisited Shattered Lands Dark Sun: Elemental drakes are lesser dragons most closely related to wyverns.

Siberys meallic Eberron waged war against Khyber and imprisoned it within the depths of the earth. Tiamat is usually considered the deity of chromatic dragons, though not all chromatic dragons acknowledge her as such.

Midnight blue dragons that could fire a breath weapon of pulsing, barely perceptible energy. Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki ,etallic mind flayer Lich. Three more chromatic dragon types appeared in Draconomicon: Lists with This Book.

Draconomicon II: Metallic Dragons – D&D Wiki

Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition For Dummies. None of the mithril dragon art seemed to match their description, though. The progenitor and supreme deity of all dragons is known as Io.


David Keffer rated it it was amazing Jul 03, These dragons, like the chromium dragons, were foul of temper, draconimicon subservient to iron dragons and their lord. Dragons are egg-layers, and most have sharp teeth, horns, and claws.

Dragon personality varies from dragon to dragon, but dragons of the same subrace tend to have similar mindsets. Some of these dragons took part in the Cragons of Deismaar, the only verified alive and awake dragons right now are the dragon of Vstaive Peaks in Vosgaard, also known as Vore Lekiniskiy and Kappenkriaucheran who inhabits the Drachenward mountains and controls their magic.

The chromatic dragons evil have one breath weapon and the metallic dragons good have two.

Draconomicon II: Metallic Dragons

The hierarchy, from highest to lowest, is iron, chromium, cobalt, tungsten, and nickel. Rich currently resides in the Seattle area with his wife, Kim, and their daughters Alex and Hannah.

Books by Richard Baker. Also, a dragon’s hearing is roughly on par with human hearing, although a dragon’s mind can filter what noise it hears.

Good-aligned dragons, while concerned with defeating evil, are able to see a much broader scope of the world, and although certain crises arise that may seem extremely important to good-aligned humans, their dragon counterparts are able to see the event as an unimportant hiccup that will pass in mere centuries; even those that adventure with others tend show a sense of incredible patience, even in situations where all others feel they’ve not a second to lose.

Of all its senses, a dragon’s sense of touch is draconomjcon only one to decrease throughout age, thanks mostly to the development of thick, hard scales.

Although Obsidian Dragons are also technically gem dragons, they are opposed to Sardior and most other gem dragons. I dig the added complexity of dragon morality and the plethora of new metallic dragons. Where appropriate, incorporate items into the main body of the article. He is currently working on a new military-themed science fiction series centered on the character Sikander North; Mmetallic Dustthe first book in the new series, debuts in November from Tor Books. All Ferrous dragons can sense ordinary metals and the lawful ferrous dragons have a strict hierarchy, with the higher dragons dictating the laws to the lower ones.


In some editions, [ vague ] dragons can also pick up scents very well, utilizing both their sensitive nose and often forked tongue, much like a snake.

Please help rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective. This rule might throw some players off-balance.

Draconomicon 2: Metallic Dragons: A 4th Edition D&D Supplement

The “lung dragons” or spirit-dragons of Oriental Adventures are also true dragons. Cerilian dragons are among the most ancient inhabitants of the continent, predating even elves and dwarves. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. A series called Wyrms of the North ran in Dragon magazine issues through and was later updated to third edition rules on Wizards of the Metallif website see external links.

This article contains embedded lists that may be poorly defined, unverified or indiscriminate. In the Draconomiconthere is also an article about Advanced Dragons, dragons that have reached their oldest age category but can still advance “virtual age categories”, and become larger and stronger.