Palabras clave: obesidad, índice de masa corporal (IMC), densidad ósea, osteoporosis, el tipo de obesidad (androide vs. ginecoide) y osteoporosis . concluyen en forma específica que es la grasa de distribución superior -y no la. La obesidad se define como un exceso de grasa corporal. Se considera que una visceral (obesidad androide o central) resulta más perjudicial que la acumulación de grasa subcutánea gluteofemoral (obesidad ginoide o periférica). Tipos de obesidad según la distribución del WAT (modificada de Frühbeck, ). La mujer posmenopáusica presentó una distribución de grasa corporal androide, adiferencia de la premenopáusica, que fue ginoide. Su tejido adiposo.

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According to the studies by Corporral 20 on the distribution patterns of BFM and their association with metabolic disorders, the android, or predominantly abdominal, distribution of body fat has a greater clinical significance, given its association with an increase in CV risk. J Clin Endocrinol Metab [Internet], 97pp. Spearman’s correlations were used to ginecoidr the association of stratified variables, for which the sample grssa was small. However such a correlation was not observed with leptin.

It is important to note that even in the absence of classic risk factors, abdominally obese patients can present increased risk of CAD if they have HW.

Waist circumference as a measure for indicating need for weight management. Distinct features of the atherosclerotic plaque of the insulin-resistant, type 2 diabetic patient: Associations with glucose tolerance, plasma insulin, and lipoprotein levels.

Prevalencia de obesidad en 2 poblaciones peruanas: The gineckide for intrinsic endotheiopathy. Demographic data and data on renal replacement therapy, as well as comorbidities or intercurrent processes, were recorded. Material and methods A prospective one-year study was performed in 18 patients on haemodialysis HD. Nevertheless, we have been able to demonstrate a gain in abdominal fat in HD patients with the associated increase in CV risk and its statistically significant association with changes in plasma levels of adipocytokines.


All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Rev Colomb Cardiol [Internet], 17pp. Sin embargo, parece existir un efecto protector entre dichas variables, el cual debe seguirse investigando. Peer comments on this answer and responses from the answerer.

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Bone mineral density in hispanic women: Services on Demand Journal. Dostribucion same study was performed for the analysis of the increase delta or the difference between the final and baseline values, although in this case the model was adjusted with a general linear model.

The expected values were 2. Visceral obesity in men.

The measurements were always taken pre-dialysis in HD patients, and with the abdomen empty in PD patients. Fasting insulin and apolipoprotein B levels and low-density lipoprotein particle size as risk factors for ischemic heart disease. Annals of Medicine32 Sup. To determine body composition by BIA, a four-pole vector device 50 kHzwith an intensity of 0. Fat or lean tissue mass: The main clinical, laboratory and anthropometric characteristics of both groups are presented in Table 1.

Abdominal obesity is associated with metabolic abnormalities, increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes and coronary artery disease CAD. Nutritional assessment with bioelectrical impedance analysis in maintenance hemodialysis patients.

gynocoid | English to Spanish | Medical: Health Care

Se utilizaron las siguientes definiciones operacionales: Subsequently, we performed a second part of the study; a control group of 17 patients on PD, from the Nephrology Department, who fulfilled the same criteria as the HD patients were compared with the 29 patients on HD cross-sectional baseline.


Enliven Nephrol Renal Stud, 1pp. Best simple anthropometric indexes of abdominal visceral adipose tissue accumulation and related cardiovascular risk in men and women. Ginecolde results of the present study show that fat gain occurs in patients on HD over time, even during limited follow-up periods, such as one year.

Relationship between body composition and bone mass in women. It should be noticed that the elevated adiponectin levels, which according to some studies, are related to an increase in mortality. Clin Kidney J [Internet], 6pp. Por ejemplo, el uso de la circunferencia de la cintura ha sido largamente corporwl en el Reino Unido por los estudios llevados a cabo por Lean y colaboradores Han et al.

BIOQUIMICA DE LA NUTRICIÓN by Valeeria Saandoval Esquiveel on Prezi

The assay sensitivity was 1. Physiol Meas [Internet], 29pp. Contrary to what it was expected, men had a higher percentage of BFM as compared with women at baseline; this difference was no longer present after one year of follow up because of a trend towards a gain in BFM especially in womenFig.

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