Download Citation on ResearchGate | Displasia cemento-óssea florida: relato de caso | Lesões fibro-ósseas benignas são caracterizadas pela substituição do. Florid cemento-osseous dysplasia has been described as a condition that characteristically . A displasia cemento-óssea florida tem sido descrita como uma. 18 nov. Focal. Thalyta Brito Santos LIMA. Renan de Souza BONFIM. Gefter CORREA. Rafael MOURA. TRATAMENTO. DISPLASIA CEMENTO-ÓSSEA.

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In this case report, the radiographic image was very suggestive of periapical cemento-osseous dysplasia.

All clinical, radiographic, biochemical and histological features were suggestive of the diagnosis of florid cemento-osseous dysplasia. Report of a case documented with clinical, radiographic, biochemical and histological findings. Densely mineralized and disorganized osseea is unable to remodel or develop in an organized way in the periodontal ligaments and the cemneto process.

Although the two lesions are indistinguishable under imaging and microscopic examination, familial gigantiform cementomas have a familial or hereditary history, whereas florid cemento-osseous dysplasia does not.

Mandibular lesions are mixed, some radiopaque, some radiolucent, and are confused with roots of molar teeth, as they are cemmento distributed in posterior region. They concluded that the clinical entity called focal cemento-osseous dysplasia was an initial phase of florid cemento-osseous dysplasia that gradually compromises the other areas to result in the complete or generalized symptoms of the disease.

This dysplastic tissue lacks plasticity and could compromise post-surgical repair, directly affecting osseointegration.


Paget’s disease of the bone may have a cotton-wool appearance. A clinical-pathologic study of thirty-four cases. In radiotherapy, osteoradionecrosis and osteoradiomyelites occur when common bacteria invade the areas of irradiated bone, as a result of: The areas affected have a normal texture to palpation, and the overlying mucosa is completely normal Figs 1 to 4. Case report A year-old, melanoderm patient sought for the Semiology Clinics of the School of Dentistry of Federal University of Parana due to a complain of discomfort at the area of tooth 44, 45, and 46, where implants had been installed two years ago.


A year-old, melanoderm patient sought for the Semiology Clinics of the School of Dentistry of Federal University of Parana due to a complain of discomfort at the area of tooth 44, 45, and 46, where implants had been installed two years ago. Its pathogenesis remains unknown, although it can represent a reactive or dysplastic process. Bones have both soft and mineralized tissues.

Clinical experience and literature reveal that it may not.

Florid cemento-osseous dysplasia mimicking multiple periapical pathology–an endodontic dilemma.

The patient searched for treatment due to her discomfort in an edentulous area where implants had been installed about one year ago. The periapical radiographs showed absence of lamina displasiw surrounding the apical region of affected teeth Fig.

Mild or chronic insults induce new bone formation or production, predominantly as synthesis, whereas severe or acute insults lead to bone resorptive, osteolytic or destructive reactions. This process can cfmento months or years to occur The physical examination of the mucosa revealed that there was not any volume increase and that the periodontal tissues were normal figure 3.

There is no replacement resorption, not even when the images suggest dentoalveolar ankylosis. Osseous cemento-osseous dysplasia of the jaws: The nature and biological behavior of bone dysplasia are often associated with structural changes in the bone that compromise its normal blood supply and plasticity, resulting in potential problems for osseointegration.

At the initial stages, the lesions are represented by a fibrous non-encapsulated conjunctive tissue exhibiting numerous blood vessels of small caliber and lack of inflammatory cells 4.

Such procedures may cause the inoculation of bacteria into displasua lesions and begin a serious infection. However, the World Health Organization’s most recent tumor classification says that periapical cemento-osseous dysplasia is a condition related to osseous lesions 2.


Florid cemento-osseous dysplasia in a young Indian woman. Histologically, these lesions are composed of anastomosing bone trabeculae and layers of cementum-like calcifications embedded in a fibroblastic background 3,6. CT sections reveal that these masses extend from one cortical to the other.

Therefore, since patient did not report any discomfort at the lesion area, radiographic follow-up of the case was conducted. Compend Contin Educ Dent ; A clinical-pathologic study of thirty-four cases.

Florid cemento-osseous dysplasia probably originates in the periodontal ligament as a result of irregular cementum formation and a disorder in the differentiation of periodontal ligament stem cells. However, the need to use the term gigantiform cementoma or familial gigantiform cementoma was demonstrated by Young et al 9 inwho described five generations of a family with familial gigantiform cementoma of dominant autosomal character.

displasia cemento ossea florida e caninos impactados

How to cite this article. This case report’s patient underwent a clinical and radiographic examination which identified a possible relation of the reported sensibility to an occlusal cejento. InBurkhardt 7 analyzed two fibro-osseous lesions using optical and electron microscopy and immunocytochemistry and found that some mineralized tissues may also have a dentinal nature.

Ossae and their families should be aware of their condition after a solid diagnosis of florid cemento-osseous dysplasia has been made, to avoid equivocal treatment options made by other healthcare professionals and to take all the necessary steps to avoid the access of bacteria to the affected area, by adopting a healthy and focused life style.

The opposite is seen when the bone is less dsiplasia but spongier: Focal cemento-osseous dysplasia involving a mandibular lateral incisor.

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