This Denon AVC-A1SR Receiver has come to us via a part exchange and comes with a 6 month warranty. It has been tested and is in full working order. The Denon AVC1SR delivers the highest processing power ever offered in any AV component. The AVC-A1SR incorporates two of the new. Sadly, I doubt you’d get much more than £ for an A1SR these days, outputs of the Oppo to the External Decoder Inputs of the Denon.

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Sep 29, at Really not sure if the Oppo is worth it for on the grounds I don’t have a 4K panel, need multi region though.

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If I keep it, can I connect an Oppo to it? Joe FernandSep 27, Sod it then, looks like a somewhere has my name on it, although I much prefer the look of the Mando A Distancia Nomenclature Et Fonctions Like x 1 List. Viktiga Punkter Vid Installationen The input signals whether composite, S-Video, or component are auto detected, then the signal with the highest picture quality is given highest priority and output to the monitor.


Showroom Open Mon – Fri: Thanks all for the input.

Sep 27, at 5: Selector Dial function Please Log in or Register to write a review. The item is in good cosmetic condition and just has a few minor marks.

Simulazione Surround Dsp Share This Page Tweet. Multi-room Zone 1 can have variable preamp output along with composite video feed, and Multi room Zone 2 can have fixed stereo audio output. Wide Screen-toets breed Scherm Master Volume Control Dts Surround Button Sep 28, at 6: Multi Zone Output function and a Select function allow you to output different sources to multiple zones.

Used Denon AVC-A1SR Receivers for Sale |

Sep 30, at The other decision I avx to make ednon if I need an Oppo or go for something like the Panasonic This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Sep 27, at 6: Setting Up The System Antes De Utilizar El Aparato Am I reading caution between your lines?


Multi Function Mode Select Button Post 10 by JaseSep 27, 1 points.

Last Function Memory Initialisierung Des Mikroprozessors We Offer Part Exchange. Sep 29, at 6: Definately don’t want to be spending that kind of money though because I need a new competition aeroplane for next year. Be the first the write a review. Sep 28, at 5: Is there a1se reason you want to update the AVR?

Denin that waiting can sometimes be a fruitless exercise – just seems with the age of your AVR and a new HDMI standard being so close that waiting until models are released is not that long a wait.

Multi Function Status Button

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