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If our souls are corrupted, then so also will be our bodies.

One of them is the prophecy of Ezekiel about the dry bones in dib Valley of Josaphat, which posstul revived by God with his will, spirit and words. The officiating minister wearing an epitrachil and holding a cross in his hands comes out to the worshippers and asks for forgiveness of the sins.

Moreover, on Saturday, at the eve of the holiday, the relics of the Holy Cross are laid on the altar during vespers and left there for the entire night with a candle burning nearby.

Slujba Prohodului

The symbolism of the ritual is additionally reinforced by the vestments worn by the clergy deeniile despite the fact that it is the Pre-Lenten period and the vestments worn at this time are generally black, this one prayer is celebrated in white vestments to symbolize the light of the new life in the plan of salvation.

Pre-Lent period – repentance and forgiveness Therefore even before the onset of Great Lent, the Orthodox Romanians prepare themselves for the event during the so-called pre-Lent period over three weeks. The struggle of transformation must also take place in the mind and heart of the sinner, who repeats words uttered by the tax-collector: The principal hypothesis ascribes the authorship to George the Monk Hamartolos who was to write the text to commemorate the historical events ofwhen Constantinople, attacked by the Arabs was saved by the miraculous intervention of the Holy Mother.


In some of the villages in Bukovina, the worshippers place four small firs in the four corners of the Epitaphios, similarly to the habit of putting firs around coffins of the dead. Psotul la newsletter Retete de post Email. After the end of vespers the faithful remain in the church and share the gifts composed of bread, wine and dried fruit, and listen to excerpts of readings from Acts of the Apostles.

Saint Mary Romanian Orthodox Church Boston

It has originated in the Jewish Pesach Heb. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The service of this day is celebrated very solemnly; a great importance is attributed to this ceremony in the Theology of the times and the cult of worshippers. In historical dimension, the Sunday of Triumph commemorates the restoration of icon veneration after the defeat of the iconoclast heresy, finally sanctioned at the Second Council of Nicaea in and then confirmed at the Synod of Constantinople in [10].

The fourth Sunday bears two names. Previously the text was missing from the available translated books [Sinodiconul Ortodoxiei, Romanian translation, http: They also profess the joy of God with a man who fulfilled the desire of his heart.

The hymn is said to be authored by Sergius I, the Patriarch of Constantinople, who assumed the role of the defender during this attack. In Romanian liturgical practice they are generally held at approximately 7: Dmitruk, Istocznik, 2 7—9.

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In Romania, the clergyman reads twelve excerpts from synoptic gospels, which are ascribed to Good Friday matins. It also mentions that by virtue of the act of creation, man is the icon of God and had been called to sanction and discover the image of God within oneself. Psalmul,Vezi-ne aici: Click here to sign up. The Orthodox Church uses this rite to make the believers realize that without forgiveness they cannot follow the main path set by Jesus — the principal value of Christianity — love thy neighbour Matthew 5.


Once our souls are clean, then our minds and our bodies will also be cleaned.

In centrul acestei slujbe sta Prohodul, adica acea serie lunga de cantari bisericesti sau imne, scurte ca intindere, compuse in limba originala in forma de versuri impartite in trei stari sau grupe, inegale ca numar de strofe. Tiparirea intr-o editie separata, cu indreptarile si uniformizarile care se impun, este o necesitatea stringenta pentru viata religioasa a credinciosilor Bisericii noastre.

Dupa venirea in frunte a Bisericii Ortodoxe Romane a vrednicului de pomenire Patriarhul Iustinian, atentia a fost indreptata si asupra acestei carti socotita de acum ca si o carte de cult, fiind tiparita de mai multe ori, incepand cu anulcu textul editiei oficiale din Nu se parcheaza in fata bisericii!

By ‘eye’ is meant the soul, for the eye is the window of the soul. Necula, Slujba Prohodului, http: Daca nu acceptati aceste cookie-uri, s-ar putea ca unele sau toate aceste servicii sa nu functioneze corespunzator.

Conversion means here an attainment of mercy, and the beginning of a new life is often filled with a difficult struggle to be faithful to the granted grace. Fuga lui Iisus din propria tara Publicat in: