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The following summary highlights information contained elsewhere in this prospectus.

Saota of Proceeds The Republic will not receive saltq cash proceeds from the issuance of the New Bonds under the offers. Employment and Unemployment Rates 1. The budget further provides for an increase in the minimum monthly wage to Ps. Electricity, gas salt water. Twelve wind energy projects were awarded for MW, four solar energy projects for MW and one biomass-biogas project for 1 MW.

The Republic publishes most of its economic indicators and other statistics in pesos. Fiscal Relations with the Provinces. Defined Terms and Certain Conventions. This contraction in economic activity was primarily due to the primary production sector, which decreased by 9. The Republic will not receive any cash proceeds from the issuance of the New Bonds under the offers. Duringhowever, social tension continued to increase.

Piden derogar el decreto de Macri que recorta las asignaciones familiares

The state of emergency allows the Government to take actions designed to ensure the supply of electricity to the country, such as instructing the Ministry of Energy and Mining to design and implement, with the cooperation of all. This, combined with the expansion of the monetary base, permitted a gradual stabilization of interest rates, which had sharply increased following the end of the Convertibility Regime.


The Republic may terminate the offers and refuse to accept any Bonds for exchange if the Republic determines that its ability to proceed with the offers could be materially impaired due to:. The Central Bank raised interest rates to limit capital outflows from Argentina just as the economic downturn set in, which, in turn, exacerbated the downturn in the economy.

Natural Resources and others 1.

Note tecniche e contatti

In the event there are no such treaties, the courts of Argentina will enforce the judgment if it:. In total, primary spending rose by Total deposits in the Argentine banking system fell by The terms of the New Bonds are identical to the terms of the Bonds, except for the transfer restrictions and registration rights relating to the Bonds.

This increase was primarily driven by growth in wholesale and retail trade and repairs, real estate, business, rental services and transportation, storage and communication services, including an increase in telecommunications stemming from the development of mobile technologies. Table of Contents administration services experienced the highest growth. Between andgrowth was also fueled by growth of manufactured products, which became competitive due to the effects of the devaluation of the peso and investments aimed at stimulating production.

The Republic is a sovereign state. Table of Contents denominated bonds issued in connection with the April Transaction, U.

This increase was primarily driven by:. Inreal GDP increased by 2. Acceptance of Bonds and Delivery of New Bonds If all of the conditions to the offers are satisfied or waived, we will accept any and all Bonds that are properly tendered in the offers on or prior to 5: Education, Social and health services.

Exports of goods and services. The registration fee has been computed based on the sxlta value of the securities solely for the ddecreto of calculating the amount of the registration fee, pursuant to Rule under the Securities Act of New Bonds Up to U. This growth was primarily driven by the increase in wholesale and retail trade and repairs and real estate, business and rental services. Since the April Transaction, Argentina has issued foreign currency-denominated bonds in aggregate amounts of U.


Decreho follow-up round allowed participants to resubmit their bids with a new price. While electricity, gas and water services grew by 2.

Full text of “Argentine Republic”

In its ruling, the District Court also found that under New Decreyo law claims relating to Untendered Debt governed by New York law become time-barred after walta years. Private contributions for electoral campaigns must be from physical persons, not companies.

Accordingly, reports on poverty and indigence levels for the missing periods and dates cannot be reconstructed primarily to the lack of reliable data for the relevant periods and as of the relevant dates. An expansionary monetary policy and pervasive foreign exchange controls, coupled with an unwillingness to allow the peso to float freely, resulted in a real appreciation of decrsto peso and a loss of competitiveness of Argentine production.

The budget additionally allocates funds for investments in infrastructure projects, including:. References to Untendered Debt in this prospectus do not constitute, and shall not be read or construed to constitute a waiver of any defenses available to the Republic with respect to the enforcement of any claim thereunder.