Imam Ghazali () who is world’s one of the most influential thinkers, reformers, and spiritual transformers and whose books are a. My Dear Beloved Son or Daughter By Imam Abu Hamid Muhammad Al-Ghazali ( May God Shower His Mercy Upon Him) From Imam Ghazali’s Arabic Book. Who was Imam Ghazali (RA)?. Imam Ghazali (RA) [ CE] is most famous for his contributions in philosophy, religion and Sufism. He is also known as.

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If I had been a true lover [of Allah] Then the doves would not have won over me in weeping [in the pain of separation from my Beloved Allah! You should know that to ask questions about [religious and spiritual] issues is like narrating the diseases of the heart and its causes in front of a doctor curer of the heart.

The sixth benefit is that when I glanced at the people, I saw that every person is having enmity with someone else for some reason. Likewise, many supplications have come [to us] from the methods of the Ahl al-Bayt the family of Prophet Muhammad [Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him]so search for them there. The fifth ghazlai is that I looked at the people who were complaining about each other.

Because Ishq xear love is another name for love and intense desire to seek what one loves Zauq. Sign in to write a review. If you say something then say it according to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. All these things that I mentioned above should be narrated in a sermon [or religious talk].

Dear Beloved Son | Furqaan Bookstore | Islamic books

Then I deliberated on the following verse: This is only possible if the seeker abandons the gatherings of the bad-charactered folks and the ignorant people. However, if you have not received any counsel from the counsels of Prophet Muhammad Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him then tell me, in all these years, what knowledge have you acquired from me? Thus they get up and continue to pray until Sehr the last blessed part of the night. I contemplated on the following verse from the Holy Quran in which it’s said: A sermon religious talk which is not like this and if the preacher speaker does not narrate these things, then it the religious talk will became a source of calamity for the preacher and the audience.


Now narrate the second benefit. These seven things are essential for the traveler on the Path of Allah, the Exalted, and the seeker [of the truth]. Life of The Prophet.

If you do something or do not do something then do it in accordance with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad May peace and blessings of Gbazali be upon him. Loyalty [and obedience] to Allah is that [the seeker] sacrifices his own happiness for the sake of Allah.

Dear Beloved Son

Now you should understand that: When the Messenger of Allah Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him departed from this world, he appointed his deputies and caliphs in his place so that they become a proof Daleel of the Way of Allah, the Exalted, until the Day of Beoved.

The fourth benefit is that I looked at the people of the world and saw that some of them so that grandeur and honor belong to the nation or tribe group that is big and powerful, that’s why they are expressing pride in their tribe nation or group. Tell me what are those eight benefits? Make efforts for performing pious deeds because then you will be going to the grave. Therefore, I pondered on this holy verse in which Allah, the Blessed and Exalted, says: On contrary, the fake impersonators claiming to be spiritual guides lacking in the aforementioned qualities, can command their disciples to do things that are Haram forbidden beloed.

Do not be deprived of good deeds, do not be without the knowledge of the external matters Shari’ahand do not be without internal excellences noble inner qualities. Mahmood Khan We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. But if someone says that one will enter into the Paradise because of one’s faith Iman then there are many difficult valleys obstacles in front.

Therefore, I pondered on this holy verse in which Allah, the Blessed and Exalted, says: So whatever is written, keep putting them into practice so that those matters will be clarified to you, which you do not yet know. Islamic Law and Rulings. This belief, which is wrong, is of those who study philosophy.

My Dear Beloved Son or Daughter by Imam Ghazali

For this reason, you should worship me [alone] with sincere intention and devotion [and not to impress any of My mortal creations who are not capable of benefiting or harming you even by a ghasali except by My Will]. From that day he began to memorize everything he wrote.


These people spread such a turmoil Fasad in religion that is not even spread by Satan Shaytan. Imam Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali.

But if ever you happen to be in their company by any chance, then refrain from praising them. Marriage and the Family. Since he presented his disciple with these pieces of advice at a stage in life where he had studied and excelled in all major sciences of Islam, it holds extra significance. Unit 7, Crown Point Ind. But for that which is not written in your destiny [by Allah], if you and the entire world make efforts for it, you will never get it.

All reviews are subject to moderation without exception. Yes, the full Arabic text appears in this book. Al-Ghazali was a medieval Muslim theologian, jurist, and philosopher of Persian origin. Pay special attention to this next tradition so that you will attain [a high level of] certitude: You said a very good thing and have done a very good thing.

In other words, you are satisfied content in both cases that the truth has been revealed.

Those, who already are in the grave before you, are waiting for you every moment to see when you come to them. He was fifty-five years old when he passed away and left behind a very valuable heritage and rich thought.

Dawah in the West: This is a must need book for everybody. One who has perseverance in acting on the Shari’ah and has the qualities of [desiring] betterment true success for the entire humanity is a “Sufi” this actually is the correct use of this term as opposed to the wrong uses of the term that are prevalent today.

No doubt, he is your avowed open enemy and worship Me alone [because] this is the straight path. The powerful advise that is in this book that I can pass onto to others knowing that this is from the Qur’an and the Prophet SAWwould be beneficial to everyone.