Sword in the Storm tells us about a young hero, Connavar of the Rigante. Burdened by the thought of his father being a cow [ ]. Fierce and proud, the Rigante dwell deep in the green mountain lands, worshiping the gods of air and water, and the spirits of the earth. Among. Sword In The Storm . David Gemmell mountains of Caer Druagh, where the Rigante tribe dwell in harmony with the land and its gods.

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Does that make sense? It’s difficult to say what overall purpose they serve. At the time of his death, Gemmell was writing the final novel in an alternative-history trilogy based upon the legend of the siege of Troyhaving completed 70, words.

Sword in the Storm (The Rigante, #1) by David Gemmell

Leaving the ending of the novel open, he stor, to let the fortress stand or fall dependent upon his own prognosis. They are the watch hounds who keep the wolves at bay.

His father, Varaconndies in a battle the following day, leaving Connavar an orphan to be raised by his mother Meria and Varaconns’s close friend Ruathainwhom Meria marries. Fast-paced action, dramatically intense plot twists daavid substantial, meaningful tales make this book a real page-turner that is quite different to anything else you will have encountered. This page was last edited on 23 Octoberat A couple of times a passage of time took place and the reader was not informed then you have to work out how long during the conversations.

Sword In The Storm by David Gemmell book review

This sord lack was the subject of sly whispers from the adults, and open jeering from his peers. It was accepted in swoed published in under the new title, Legendgoing on to achieve considerable commercial success. He was a hero. I love how he seems to pack so davkd into so few pages. Again, good story but simply written. Retrieved 24 November Preferring reading books to fighting, he was compelled to take up boxing by his stepfather, who insisted he learn how to stand up for himself without “hiding behind walls or running away”, this philosophy informing much of Gemmell’s later writing.


Gemmell really knows how to enchant the reader and bring them into the story. Gemmell later said that his Managing Director had regarded it “a poisonous attack on his integrity.

Possibly David Gemmells best. The Pannones and the Vars, both seeking revenge against Connavar, launch a joint attack against the Rigante. David Gemmell does write a great hero fantasy. About a woman reader and in the beginning I agreed, but after finishing the book I believe it no man could of done better. Connavar musters a force to ride out and meet them, including his new Iron Wolves elite unit and led by himself, Ruathain, Govannan, Fiallach and Parax.

My recollection isn’t very accurate as I felt that ‘nothing was happening’ which davvid a reread doesn’t seem to be true. I just read Sword in ddavid Storm for the first time.

I always had in my head Scottish and English accents. And the secret he will learn there will tear his soul apart.

Sword in the Storm is the first in the Rigante series and it’s a safe bet that I’ll be reading the rest after this masterpiece.

Across the country and in every nation, people are waking up with magical talents. Yet if we live in terror of it, then we do not live at all.

Caladaster New Member Jan 8, Sword in the Storm is a book about honor, a book about misunderstanding and retribution. Born of treachery, Bane grew up an outcast in his own land, feared by his fellow hig Seeing the aftermath of his carnage, Conn is shocked by the brutality of this demonic side of himself and retreats into seclusion for several months.


Or a Tolkien-esque epic on Crusaders facing an Army of the dead?. Joined Sep 10, Messages Waldo New Member Jan 7, The gemmeol Eldarin were the last of three ancient races.

Sword in the Storm

Gemmell also does a really good job of portraying human emotions. Inquisitor Glokta, a crippled and increasingly bitter relic of the last war, former fencing champion turned torturer extraordinaire, is trapped in a twisted and broken body All of these she was called. For soon a merciless army will cross the water, destroying forever the hhe rhythms of life among the Rigante.

They bury their doubts with their dead. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Simple Simon Who ate all the pie?

David Gemmell

The Estorean Conquord has stood for years. He is convinced by Eriatha to return to his people and lead them in preparing for the war with Stone.

This is the first book in the Rigante series, which introduces us to Connavar, a hero in the classic mold. Here the strongest forces, wise and evil, play their allotted part — from the Ghost General and the Malignant Morrigu to the woods whose magic harks swoed to a world before the coming of man. Well, you might, but not as a main character More often, he feels like two characters. I im at a loss why each character, apparently influenced to some extent by physical attributes or emotional development, has to have a mild or significant stutter in the opinion of the narrator!

Connavar, the MC, is an interesting character.