Primarily known for military SF, Drake (Fireships, etc.) shows a wider Lord of the Isles. David Drake, Author Tor Books $ (0p) ISBN With Lord of the Isles, David Drake returns to fantasy with a towering and complex epic of heroic adventure in an extraordinary and colorful world where the. David Drake has written fantasies before, but the Lord of the Isles series is his first full-on venture into Jordan-style multibook VLFN saga-spinning. And I’m sad .

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I say that to point out that even though it took me a few months to read, it was still a good book. Whi Drake says he’s using Sumerian mythology to build his story.

Its characters are usually drawn using an athame made of a variety of substances including iron, twigs and ivory and the words spoken aloud. However, I did find it imaginative, and there were certainly large swaths that held my attention.

Lord of the Isles (David Drake)

I’m appalled that the book got any kind of positive reviews. It doesn’t quite achieve epic scale–clearly Drake is keeping major trump cards in reserve for the coming sequels.

This inspired work of creativi An exciting modern fantasy that is highly original and filled with such spectacular characters. I may continue the series when I’m looking for more light fantasy. This page was last edited on 23 Septemberat To put it bluntly: Book cover art by Kevin Murphy left ; Donato Giancola right.


Islands, Magic growing, Main Char has amulet with dead king’s soul [s]. It does sound a bit jsles New Age nonsense, and in Drake’s case it may very well be just that.

Some events made me gasp, while others shocked me. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Immediately Drake makes one crucial mistake.

Lord of the Isles (David Drake) – Wikipedia

And Drake doesn’t exactly feel a burning need to establish a story with any great urgency. Unlike the Wheel of Time, Drake keeps it relatively easy to keep track of who is doing what and weaves the various subplots back together at the end of the book for an impressive draake. Other books in the series. Feb 04, Chris rated it really liked it. Drake does pause in all this mayhem to make sure a tax collector gets especially killed. I liked most of the main characters, especially Nonnus.

Lord of the Isles Series by David Drake

The super-powerful wizard conflict and the conflicts with extra-dimensional creatures were a bit much for me, but I did enjoy the conflicts between characters and how they dealt with trouble and the events going on around them. I give books at least that much until I decide to keep reading or stop. Fantasy novel series American fantasy novel series. Pf are country people, but educated, or if not educated, then gifted with extraordinarily keen insight into davie things work, why people from other places behave a certain way, etc.


This seems to be a nod to the reader that Drake has carefully planned out his story, has got the pattern straight before he has begun. Drake puts his characters This was a nice little throwback to some great 90s fantasy.

Books in the Isles Series

She washes ashore on the island of Haft, where she is rescued by Garric, a young shepherd from the town of Barca’s Hamlet. Sometimes this was frustrating in a kind of good way when something intense and interesting was happening to one group and we were left with a kind of cliffhanger to go to the POV of a group that was boring by comparison.

That is, the Lady equates with Inanna; her consort the Shepherd equates with Dumuzi; and the Sister fills the place of Ereshkigal, Queen of the Underworld.

And while that plot line seems to have been somewhat resolved, there are many more that have only partially run their course. Sep 18, Garrett rated it it was amazing.

I’m tempted to put a new category for my bookshelves: While I don’t know much about science and physics, I know a lot about philosophy lordd the philosophy of science e.

Didn’t have anything better to read.