Studio 3 User Guide Wireframes and Wireframing Functions An overview of Studio 3 Introductory Tutorial (Help | Tutorials | Introductory Tutorial) Studio 3 Datamine wireframe data is stored in two related files, a triangle file and a points file. (Datamine) Studio3. In this training, you will find principles and exercises associated with the following sections: 1. Getting Started: In this section you will learn. Page 3 Datamine Studio EM is tailor made to meet the needs of exploration geologists. Leveraging the base tool is available for manual image registration.

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This command is discussed in more detail ttutorial the following section. Whereas both sets of commands are based on the simple logic of how a wireframe interacts with another entity or a discrete part of itselfthe plane functions are concerned with how a wireframe reacts to another non-wireframe entity, such as the viewplane, or a string, for example.

Before running a verification process, you will need to select the wireframe object to be verified, using the Name drop-down list. Select a triangle on the wireframe data you wish to insert a point into.


The starting edge for the triangulation is determined either by a user defined tag string, or selected by the system using the closest pair of tutoial on the two strings to be linked. The wireframe object below is comprised of two different closed surfaces; a grey outer tube and a red intersecting tube. The optimized method frequently allows even highly complex strings to be linked automatically without point tagging; however, tagging is also provided for greater control over linking.

Tags can be used with any of the wireframe linking methods listed in the previous section. Define the plane and direction for projecting the selected string to form the ‘cutting’ plane.

The commands outlined in the image on the right will be discussed in detail in this section. Studio 3 processes are file-based; they require one or more files in Datamine binary format. Consult your Studio 3 online Help for more information on all of the available overlay display settings. Maximum separation of points to be joined may be specified. This particular block of topography will studoi be used for anything other than complementing a VR scene, so a reduction in data will not adversely affect the accuracy of subsequent operations.


Download the free trial version below to get started. Most Boolean ratamine plane wireframe operations recommend that the tutoroal be tutorjal before running the operation.

Studio 3 also provides another method for volume calculation, which provides the same results as TRIVOL, but with a simpler dialog.

You can hide or show the Output control bar like any other Studio 3 control bar — using the View Customisation Control Bars sub-menu; select a particular description to toggle its visibility. This automatically checks for a link that intersects another link.

Studio 3 User Guide | Modelamiento Simmodmet –

Each command is covered in detail in your Studio 3 online Help, but as a quick summary: For example, if a topographical surface model was captured from survey data at the start of a particular phase of mining operations, this model could be compared with, say, a similar survey, taken at a point in the future whereby the terrain has been progressively deformed.

The basic structure of a wireframe regardless of the way this data is displayed on screen is simple: If the sub-optimal method fails then linking will default to the optimal method.

The new surface is generated using the second wireframe selected to update the surface elevation. This criteria works best where the shapes of the two strings are similar.

This tolerance is set in the Project Settings dialog File Settings. RoRRo Andrew 18 de julio de8: Tag strings are supplied by the user to provide additional control on string linking.

There are several tools available to make the process of wireframe generation quick and easy.

The wireframe group and surface numbers are ignored on input, and new group and surface numbers will be generated on output.

All dialogs in this area of the Design menu system, including Boolean and Plane operations, look similar; they can be divided into two basic sections — the top section of the window is used to specify either a single wireframe object or two drop-down lists provided to select two objects for the purpose of a Boolean operationand the lower area of the dialog is used to specify properties for the command in question.


There are three options available to determine how models of this type stidio constructed: For now, datamjne appreciation of the more common fields listed above is a sufficient basis for understanding the information that follows: Find which product fits your needs by clicking on the following below.

Once in memory, the new object can be viewed by switching off all views of the two original objects by opening the Sheets control bar, and the Design window sub folder.

Progress bars sttudio displayed for each individual object created so you will be able to see which particular stage the command has reached. Write Wireframes is used to save all wireframes, including DTMs. Once you have verified a wireframe, you can store the verified database to a file, and disable the Verify option in future, speeding up the overall process.

You have the chance to filter the data shown in your scene by selecting or clearing the relevant check boxes. Select the overlay you wish sstudio edit, or Add a new one. Access File Settings Wireframing to change your selection method. All Boolean operations use similar dialogs which provide two methods for selecting wireframes: Note adtamine this differs from the Unlink Dataminr command; with this option, gaps are avoided as the surface mesh is automatically reformed after point deletion wherever required.

Select the wireframe object to be intersected from the drop-down list. Vatamine is worthwhile spending a few moments getting to understand the viewing hierarchy concept before continuing, as references to sheets, projections and overlays are made throughout many Datamine Help files, and once you get used to managing these aspects of data display effectively, you can manage your projects more efficiently.

Calculate Center of Triangle Runs the Studio 3 process COGTRI calculate-centre-and-orientation-of-wireframe This process calculates the centre point and the dip and dip direction of each triangle sthdio a wireframe.