Abbreviation / Long Form: CWEQ-II / Conditions of Work Effectiveness Questionnaire-II Abbreviation: CWEQ-II (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation). Long Form. The main purpose of this paper is to examine the psychometric properties of the original five-point CWEQ II using Item Response Theory (IRT) methods, followed . Background: The article presents the Polish adaptation of the Conditions for Work Effectiveness Questionnaire II (CWEQ II), developed by Laschinger et al.

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Span J Psychol ; Spanish adaptation of the structural empowerment scale.

Cross-cultural adaptation and caeq of a disease knowledge and self-care questionnaire for a Brazilian sample of heart failure patients. Structural empowerment and anticipated turnover among critical care nurses.

Empowerment, engagement, and perceived effectiveness in nursing work environments: From This Paper Figures, tables, and topics from this paper.

Wirth Quality of Life Research Following, contact with the directors of Nursing of the institutions was made, requesting authorization for development of the research.

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Structural empowerment and anticipated turnover among critical care nurses. Conventional criteria versus new alternatives. The average age of the sample was Item-response theory approach in scale development. The relationship of nursing work environment to empowerment and powerlessness. This study examines the relationship between perceptions of structural caeq and anticipated turnover among critical care nurses.

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The posed tests in this study differ from the original, therefore the analyses were made through structural equations that would not be compatible with the objectives of this research. Relationship between staff nurse involvement in organizational structures and perception of empowerment.


Although list wise deletion often results in a substantial decrease in the sample size available for the analysis, it has important advantages. They were subsequently given a list of all the items and the judges’ task was to classify each into the dimension to which they thought it belonged.

Teachers could experience that they have more autonomy, discretion to make their job, and opportunities to increase knowledge and skills, while university staff could perceive more support from superiors and peers, and more resources e. The instrument in the Portuguese version was applied to a group of 40 nurses in two hospitals. Consequently, the empowerment has a relation with the increase of power, personal autonomy in interpersonal and institutional relations, mainly in relations of oppression, discrimination and social domination.

On a practical level, Kanter’s structural empowerment theory provides a framework for understanding empowering workplaces and empowered employees. The results of the factorial analysis yet indicate that Access to these structures fosters employees’ empowerment, developing a sense of meaning, competence, self-determination, and impact Laschinger et al.

On the theory of test discrimination. However, only Kanter offers a theoretical framework, empirically supported, for creating empowering and meaningful work and organizational environments for professionals. There is no previous research on the relationship of psychological empowerment and structural empowerment in nurse practitioner NP practice. It is to conclude that the extended model of The Conditions of Work Effectiveness Questionnaire ceeq CWEQ-II supplies a tool for the understanding of intervention mechanisms within the work conditions and the process of organizational qualification 9.


In all the considered configurations, the Cronbach’s Alpha presented values that indicate high internal consistency among the answers. Adapting educational and psychological test for cross-cultural assessment. Kanter defines power as an ability to mobilize resources and achieve goals, as opposed to the notion of power in the traditional hierarchical context.

References Publications referenced by this paper. Methods of Psychological Research Online8 2 The literature revealed that work environments that provide access to information, resources, support and opportunity create an environment of more satisfied employees, ultimately reducing turnover.

Journal of Nursing Administration31 These results suggest deviations from normality and, for that reason, we decided to employ maximum likelihood with Jackknife Repeated Replication Berger, in the confirmatory factor analyses. Epub Feb The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of a renal nursing professional practice model PPM on nurses’perceptions of empowerment, characteristics of practice environments and the impact on nursing care outcomes in a university-based teaching hospital in Canada.

Predictive validity Predictive validity was analyzed using a multiple regression model, with the global empowerment score as the dependent variable and the four sub-scales of the CWEQ-II as the independent variables.

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