MPFi V/S CRDi. V/S. in petrol engine for gaining more uniform Air Fuel blending fuel is injected at various point in the path of air. but in case of DTSI(digital twin. Know everything about Multi Point Fuel Injection (MPFI) system on CarTrade Blog. Fi EFi MPFi GDi. EFi stands for Electronic Fuel injection (EFi) whereas MPFi or MPi stands for Read more: How CRDi technology works?>>.

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Fuel rail is an accumulator which stores the high pressure fuel and releases it to the injector nozzle based on inputs from ECU. Conventional direct injection diesel engines must repeatedly generate fuel pressure for each injection. Whereas conventional direct injection diesel engines must repeatedly generate fuel pressure for ajd injection, in CRDI engines the pressure is built up independently of the injection sequence and remains permanently available in the fuel line.

In this system it is seen that the CRDI engine developed more power and also increased the fuel efficiency. In other words, compression and injection occur independently of each other. This further eliminates the unburned particles and also increases the exhaust flow temperature thus reducing the pre-heat time of the catalytic converter. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This division of labor necessitates a special chamber to maintain the high injection pressure ajd up to mpfii, bar.

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There is no glow plug since the injection pressure is high. Without being introduced to an antechamber the fuel is supplied directly to a common rail from where it is injected Krunal P.


Working of MPFI vs CRDI Engines – Dummies Guide

The fact that there is no glow plug lowers the maintenance costs and the fuel consumption. Skip to main content.

CRDI — many must have come across seeing it behind cars boot and wondering what is it. Common rail refers to the single fuel injection line on the CRDI engines.


Abstract Common-rail technology is intended to improve the pulverization process. Exhaust gas recirculation is enhanced and precise injection timing is obtained. In short, “post-combustion” cuts pollutants. Cdi high-speed solenoid valves, regulated by the electronic engine management, separately control the injection timing and the amount of fuel injected for each cylinder as a function of the cylinder’s actual need. Expensive to maintain in case of repairs.

Multi Point Fuel Injection and Common Rail Direct Injection Engines- MPFI vs CRDI

But in the CRDI engines the pressure is built up independently of the injection sequence and remains permanently available in the fuel line. Then, a specially designed oxidizing catalyst converter locating near the entrance of the particle filter unit will combust the remaining unburnt fuel come from the “post- combustion”.

A few advantages pmfi MPFI over carburetor is.

Common Rail Direct Injection Features: In simple terms, for the engine to produce power, proper amount of air-fuel mixture is required to be injected through the nozzle injector, which atomizes the fuel into tiny droplets into the combustion chamber, thereby spark plug ignites ane mixture to propel the piston. The PF unit needs to be cleaned up cdri 80, km by high-pressure water, to get rid of the deposits resulting from the additive.

Gosavi3 1 Assistant Professor,krunalp. More pulverization of fuel is obtained in this system. Newer CRDI engines feature maximum pressures of bar. Srinivasan Automotive Mechanics.


The new common-rail injection technology helps solving ccrdi problem. Jose Perez, Fiat Multiair Technology Announced, technologyannounced-more-power-less-fuel-less emissions. More accurately measured and timed mixture spray in the combustion chamber significantly reducing unburned fuel gives CRDI the potential to meet future emission guidelines such as Euro V.

By its high- pressure, precise injection during a very short period, the common-rail system can introduce a “post- combustion” by injecting small amount of fuel during expansion phase. Swirler nozzle to produce a cone-shaped spray and a slit nozzle for a fan-shaped spray.

Common-rail technology is intended to improve the pulverization process. Fuel always remains under such pressure even in stand-by state. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The high-pressure injectors are available with different nozzles for different spray configurations. Remember me on this computer.

EFi vs MPFi vs GDi: How Electronic Fuel Injection Technology Works?

This is an important advantage of common-rail injection over conventional fuel injection systems as CRDI increases the controllability of the individual injection processes and further refines fuel atomization, saving fuel and reducing emissions.

The microcomputer regulates the amount of time the valves stay open and thus the amount of fuel injected, depending on operating conditions and how much output is needed.

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Compared with petrol, diesel is the lower quality fuel from petroleum family.