38 likes. Halaman facebook CPNS KESDM adalah sarana bagi kita semua yang diterima sebagai CPNS di lingkungan KESDM tahun penerimaan. Buat disclaimer saja, saat ini gue termasuk salah satu dari sekitar an CPNS di Kementerian ESDM yang ikut tes CPNS dan masuk mulai April Read all of the posts by monraphita on pojok monicantik: my corner to be free.

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I received my passport and my exit permit 10 hours before departing.

Selamat Datang – Badan Geologi

Jadi basically, kita dikasih 2 minggu buat nyiapin berkas itu semua. It exdm a bit intimidating at first since most of the people going there were very experienced with years of experience, compared to the eedm I am with only one year of experience. Laporan Kebencanaan Geologi 24 Desember Kalau memang pas pemanggilan ulang buat ngisi peserta yang mengundurkan diri, nama lo tetep nggak ada, ya apa mau dikata ya mungkin memang belum jodoh.

Harus bangun lebih pagi ini efek positif sih bagi 2031 yang suka ngesnooze alarm clock. All the things that I was supposed to pray for before the dip just vanished as I was just trying to wrap my mind around this overwhelming moment.

So I had to keep up with the group. But, here being back at home and sharing a roof with my parents have made things quite different. Data dan Informasi Kebencanaan Geologi. But you have to have sufficient research experience to get in. The water will dry instantly, in a matter of seconds.


monraphita | pojok monicantik : my corner to be free | Page 3

World Gas Conference ! Well, I was wrong. I was scared my father would be disappointed, but thank God, to my surprise my decision did not disappoint him. Luckily our class is still close thanks to our occasionally active Whatsapp group and get togethers. But there is a fine line between being loving and being blinded.

Before departing I checked the weather online and anticipated temperatures to be around degrees Celsius. It was sort of dreadful because I was left hanging with no passport in hand on the day of departure. Just after Christmas I started the infamous dr.

Moleskine agendas are awesome. Coal mining – Wikipedia. Sebagai anak teknik yang sudah lama meninggalkan sejarah dan PPKn…. I found this legit soft lens dealer on Instagram called Geosoftlensroomthat has recently changed to Eyelovin.

Pendaftaran CPNS 2013 Kementerian ESDM

Rasio pelamar versus cpsn. Resting was not on my mind at that time. Just you, your driving companion, a damn good playlist or a radio station that completely understands you and a long road of endless possibilities.

So I ended up having the interview in his office room and it went well. We’re here to help: Jadi di awal itu, portal resmi merilis pengumuman umum soal deadline seleksi administrasi, dan apa aja yang harus 201 via pos loh pake amplop coklat sama pendaftaran online buat ngeprint kartu peserta.

kementerian esdm

But somehow, out of the blue I decided I want to try playing with lip color. Bawaan jelas tambah rempong karena harus bawa tetesan mata ke mana-mana.

When I started to put my clothes back on, my ccpns was dry. Nah setelah tes, hasil tes semua peserta diunggah ke situs resmi jadi bisa liat juga orang-orang yang lulus siapa aja, dan liat nilai saingan juga haha. Do remember that every one deserves a happy ending…. Nah selang 2 minggu setelah diumumin udah harus daftar ulang dengan bawa berkas-berkas seperti SKCK, hasil Medical Check Up surat keterangan sehat jasmani dan rohani yang harus dibuat di rumah sakit esvm unit pelayanan kesehatan milik pemerintahsurat bebas napza, kartu kuning, dan lainnya.


It operates through the following segments: The airplane had an old feel to it, and I usually find it tricky to adjust to new airlines, so I thought I could use a glass of wine to fall asleep, or at least to relax a bit. I finished my packing and last minute preparations and off I went.

Kata temen-temen gue sih, make kacamata bikin kelihatan dewasa, jadi kalau make softlens kelihatan lebih muda gitu. Padma Hotel Bandung, December Well, it was the program of my safe school.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Jadi gue beli buku CPNS 2 kali. Thank God I brought my spring coat and some sweaters so I layered up. They think it was such a waste to throw away such a fantastic cpjs, but hey I did it for the better.

Thank God it was a cons cry, not the sobbing type.

So yeah, this was the ultimate exercise of small talk and communication. Sometimes all you need is a night drive.