Containment [Christian Cantrell, William Dufris] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As Earth’s ability to support human life begins to diminish. Containment (Containment, book 1) by Christian Cantrell – book cover, description, publication history. Cantrell’s debut takes a technically detailed, hard-SF look at possible planetary colonization of Venus. Arik is part of Generation V (for Venus).

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I found myself flipping through the pages enjoying every detailed explicative moment of Containment. Then, in the end, we find out that the station is simply out to make a massive buck by releasing critical tech under their own terms for extortionist rates. Then an error message appeared on all the computers. And oy, the passive voice! Recommended for readers of science fiction, this can be read as a stand alone but I’m eagerly moving on to book two.

I think the worst thing about the plot twist is that way too much time was spent infodumping the false history of V1. It was an interesting contaimnent of the ‘limited resources space base’ type.

However those scenes are few and used in such a way that they are both shocking and powerful. He ventures out, and learns that V1 is actually located in Antarctica.

V1 is the name given to the first Venus colony. To leave a person hanging like this could be considered cruel and unusual punishment. I can’t wait to find out what happens next in the next book!

In Christian Cantrell’s future, Earth is in a crisis climate change, what else and the powers-that-be have devised that the only way to save When you compare a novel to Isaac Asimov and Orson Scott Card you better bring it. I enjoyed the basic plot – following the efforts of Arik to achieve artificial photosynthesis in the Venus colony so as to be able to support one more life – that of his unborn child.


Containment (Children of Occam #1) by Christian Cantrell

Like I said, I -want- to like this book. For example, it spends a paragraph describing how the problem of consumer waste was solved: With some better editorial direction it could have been one of the top sf novels of Earth had polluted itself into near extinction before finally arriving at the ecological technologies that would hopefully save it.

This story begins as an account of a brilliant young man living on a newly established colony on Venus. And suddenly Earth stops communicating so the colony is all alone and must produce its own resources and manage what it has This was a book that I really wanted to like, but in the end I christiaj quite disappointed. The technology is presented in such a manner that makes it seem poosible-ish. Or was this a story about a colony that experiences what it is to be cut off from everything?

Containment (Christian Cantrell)

Apr 11, Ixris rated it liked it. You are commenting using your Facebook account. When the maglev stopped in front of the Wrench Pod, Cam and Zaire were standing on the platform. When I picked it up, Containment seemed like an interesting choice.

Sep 06, Gabe rated it did not like it Shelves: It really captured my imagination Donaldson in his Gap series. In short, after Earth’s near devastation in the future, the world sets up the GSA Global Space Agency to set about colonising other planets in an attempt to preserve the human race. Preview — Containment by Christian Cantrell. This is THE shortcoming that, if not addressed, will keep Christian Cantrell on the good side of the good-great sci-fi storysmithing.


And I admit it started out as a bit of a snorefest. My problems did not revolve around Cantrell’s talent as a writer.

Containment poses a similar problem. Cantrell puts himself into a very tired camp that has been beaten to death and is still lacking credibility.

There wasn’t vast amounts of dialogue but liked what there was, but there was an awful lot of set up and description and sometimes during these chapters, my thoughts did wander.

The story starts with Arik who is a member of a colony living on Venus. Even when the story moved into the character’s lives it was a very dry and more telling instead of showing: Containment Children of Occam Book 1 Author s: All of these flaws make the story cantrekl mess.

Book review : Containment, by Christian Cantrell –

When established, there were 1, initial colonists, almost all of them scientists and engineers. Nothing else is relevant. Ie 10 per year for 10years. I enjoy books that are heavy on the action and light on the explicative content. The ideas here are assembled nicely, but the work as a whole lacks the polish to make it truly shine.

The premise of the book is interesting, and the storyline had a chance to be gripping, but reading through this was more of a chore than a pleasure. Showing cedes the floor to telling elsewhere in the book too.

Were there other “outposts” like this one? Existentialism versus chaos theory amidst a far future setting.

What do we discover I liked this book. This could have been such a better book.

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