Looking for a Cistermiser STD Urinal Flush? You can order online today at great prices and collect in your local branch or have it delivered to where you need it. The Cistermiser standard urinal flush control valve is an automatic hydraulic urinal flush control valve. Using a simple and innovative mechanism, the. Cistermiser urinal and WC control valves in stock including Direct-Flush, IRC2 and Cistermiser – Standard Pressure Valve Cistermiser – Low Pressure Valve .

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On this page Hydraulic Valve – urinal flush control valve. Discreet and Accessible fitting options. Features and benefits Minimises water consumption and reduces odours. Hygiene flush option for periods of non-use. You have no items in your shopping cart.

Hydraulic Valve – urinal flush control valve

Hygiene flush for periods of non-use. Three models make up the range of Hydraulic Valves, each cisrermiser to a different range of water supply pressure.


Manufactured by Pegler Yorkshire. New with intact tamper seal. Hygiene flush every 12 hours. The hydraulic valve is an automatic urinal flush control valve.

Other see details Time left: It is a complete kit and includes the sensor and solenoid valve. Cistermiser address and contact details.

The Cistermiser Hydraulic Valve automatic urinal flush control valve is an alternative to the wasteful drip-feeds, trickle cocks or pet taps that constantly fill urinal cisterns. Model number is HSLP Modified Item see all.

Adjustable flush duration and range. Cistermisee your local Plumbstock branch. Hygiene flush for periods of non-use. Sensorflow 21 concealed electronic urinal flushing valve Ideal-Standard.

Model number is STD.

When the cistern is full, the auto-siphon will flush. The valve is activated by short-term pressure drops created by use of taps and WCs on the same supply.

Cistermiser flush controls

Delivery options see all. Cistermiser urinal automatic flush control valve. Pipe, wall or ceiling mounted sensor: This is the standard pressure model and is suitable for installations where the water is mains fed or tank fed with a head of The installer or user can adjust the time the valve remains open and therefore how long the cistern takes to fill and how much water is used. Can’t staandard what you’re looking for? Model number is OP1. When the cistern is full the auto-siphon will flush.


The operating sensitivity should be adjusted manually in order to achieve the best functionality. Hydraulic urinal flush control valves 2pp 1. Please refer to page 15 of our Specification Catalogue available as a Download for help to specify the right model for your application.

It is a complete kit and includes the sensor and solenoid valve. Vallve only see all. Why Buy From Us.