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He had an incredible memory. As well as stupid.

Return to Book Page. A truly inspirational man.

Some details may not have needed to be added but as Mandela lived a rather full life, I guess they were necessary, some details just became tediously slow to build to the story. Whether that comes from nature or pokojme, I cannot say. Nelson Mandela’s life story is very interesting and full of wisdom, and I admire his ability to build bridges, pookjne I got bogged down at times in the details. He triumphed bojovnnika all odds and persevered while looking the threat in the I really tossed between giving this a 3 or a 5.

I freely admit I skimmed sections of this book–it’s HUGE, and full of names and political details and I’m used to reading hefty historical novels. Political positioning, embargoes, makes me glad I’m not in politics. Kudos to any child reading pages of politics and history! Long Walk to Freedom The stories on his childhood are especially charming.

His second wife also doing the same. White rule stole 30 years of his life pokojme placing him in jail, however he managed so more in his life than many could dream possible.

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Pokojný bojovník

I feel like I would have been very much like her That way lays defeat and death. In spite of my 3 star rating, I would and do recommend this to any and everyone, but know what you’re getting into. I recommend it, although I think that British glamour model- Jordan something- her book outsold this in about 6 weeks.


This guy is way smarter than me, by the time I start to have truly independent thought I’ll be dead. As important as international politics and civil rights may be, they are not the areas that illicit the most amount of passion from my soul. I don’t feel so bad for his second wife, I didn’t relate to her pokojnd she seems a bit shady, but I do feel for her children and their childhood, or lack thereof.

My focus is just so different, my cause so different, my hope so different. At the end he says he was just an ordinary man who did what he had to do, but there are not many men who could have done what he did with such grace, intelligence and honor. The South African courts convicted him on charges of sabotage, as well as other crimes committed while he led the movement against apartheid.

Lists with This Book. I thought it was phenomenal, but maybe that’s just some bias coming out Ein Mensch der 27 Jahre von seiner Familie getrennt in Gefangenschaft verbringt. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

I didn’t realize that it would end right bojovika he was elected Prime Minister–for it being so long, I would have preferred more pages dedicated to that, but it is titled the walk to freedom for that reason. He really wasn’t much of an independent thinker until he was about 38 years old. Which is exactly what he had to be to bring about and endure the years and decades it took to realize the change he knew was necessary.


A must for anyone who wants to truely appreciate the man’s significance in post-apartheid South Africa. However I was intent on taking the month of December to deliberately read books that I was not interested in.

He was an pokoine man though, very intentional about everything he did. I wonder what his opinion of me was and it makes me chuckle, he must have thought I was the biggest ignoramus for not asking a thing about Nelson Mandela, but instead asking what it was like to date and go to dances there!

Dlouhá cesta za svobodou

Have to say for committed a guy as he was to stay resolute through 27 years of prison and a life long pursuit of “the struggle” he sure had issues with family. Books by Nelson Mandela. Mar 27, Nicole M. Die Person Nelson Mandela wiederum hat mich schwer beeindruckt.

Pokojný bojovník – Wikipedie

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Before that point he seemed to stand for a position but didn’t know why. Mandela stands out bojovnikq an icon of peace and a pinnacle of world history, above bojovni,a others that have rocked the Richter scale of global events.

There is no way that I could tell that detailed a description of my own life. Bitte deshalb die – im Vergleich mit anderen von mir gelesenen Biographien – niedrige Bewertung von 3 Sternen nicht als Beurteilung des Menschen Nelson Mandela verstehen. I do feel bad for his first wife and their children, who grew up without a father.