Aldo Colombini – Magnetic – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Cartomagie Impromptue – Aldo Colombini. Cargado por. Richard. Cours de Cartomagie Tome1_ Alex. Uploaded by. Simon Moreau · Cartomagie Impromptue – Aldo Colombini. Uploaded by. Richard Lefebvre · Tissot – Tour de. Colombini, Aldo. Toccata in Impromptu Card Magic DVD Vol 6: Toccata. A selected card is apparently found through luck, but when it is.

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Aldo Colombini – Impromptu Card Magic

Million Dollar Secrets with Cards. A spectator picks a card.

Double cut down to the break on to the table. One of the most incredible routines with two regular decks of cards. This is a reputation maker.

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TGR We are inclined to believe those whom impfomptue do not know because they have not yet deceived us I am biased but this is my favorite oil and water routine.

Using only a few cards you can perform very strong, baffling, visual magic. This volume 6 features routines by a range of famous authors. They figured it out! In this collection Richard gives us ten of his best routines. Here there and Chicago too combines Here there and everywhere with Chicago Opener for a great effect. Then simply turn over the 2C.


The Red back card chosen from a red back deck is replaced on the deck and the blue back bottom card treated on its face is at the bottom. An amusing routine involving two jokers and an Ace, with many changes and a terrific climax where the back of the Ace changes color and a big ‘X’ appears on the back of the Ace.

Finally, you correctly name the color of all the cards in the packet before you turn them over. A spectator cuts the deck at random and he finds the four Kings.

Take the red backed card over the left card to be able to point to the tabled card. When you turn over the cards in pairs only four cards match say four Squaresthe fifth symbol is the selected one Square. The Kings disappear and you are left with eight black cards.

Their card turns blue in your red deck. All the routines involve the four Aces. Diachylon Super-Color Change Force. Cours de Cartomagie Moderne. The deck is shuffled and dealt into five packets. They follow each other in their respective piles.


The right hand comes over and does a double lift showing the first selection: The red backed card is tabled face down: He does snap his fingers over the deck. The cards are Hindu Shuffled face up.

Lybrary: Aldo Colombini

Two cards are laid face-down, unseen to one side before the action begins, colo,bini the deck has been mixed by your trusting audience, two people take a peek at a card as the deck is riffled in front of their eyes, they lock these random cards deep into their minds-eye!

Use red card face down to turn the selection over: The other cards are dealt in four packets and assembled randomly. A freely selected card is revealed as the only face-up card in a packet. Momma jmpromptue my wallet? These are the only A collection of visual gags and comedy bits that you will

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