Cardax FT Controller – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Installation Guide. Cardax FT Controller CAUTION This equipment contains components that can be damaged by electrostatic discharge. Ensure both you. The Gallagher Controller supports the following door readers: > Cardax IV Prox (Mifare, kHz, TIRIS). > Cardax IV Prox Plus (Mifare, kHz,. TIRIS).

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Looking at the Controller it will be obvious that the there is no ethernet activity on either ethernet connection, as the RJ45 connector LEDs will not be operating, and the Controllers run LED will be in 2 flash.

Cardax Ft Controller 6000pdf

Integrated Access Control and Intruder Alarms capability 2. The sequence completes fairly quickly but it is important you ensure the LED finishes indicating the “normal running” sequence.

Flash Slow Fast 1 flash 2 flashes Sequence timing Meaningms on, ms off Controller is searching for software FTS files ms on, ms off 4Hz flash ms on, ms off 1Hz flash 2 flashes – pause each flash is 50ms on, ms off, 1. On-board connections are provided for:. Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Gallagher Security Management Systems could void the user’s authority to operate this equipment.

Gallagher Controllers | AES Group Ltd.

The Gallagher Controller R has on-board connections for with variations for the Gallagher Controller R shown in brackets: Initialise the Cardax FT Controller The power supply cable must be of sufficient size to ensure that the voltage at the GBUS unit terminals is the recommended 12 Vdc.


Press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Boot code monitor running. Refer to the previous section “Component layout” for the location of the plugs.

Wait for the Run LED to stop flashing. Page 2 1 November Introduction Turn on the power supply. Refer to the “Component layout” within this Installation Note for wiring this plug. The following initialisation procedures are detailed in the later section titled “Initialisation”: Cardax FT Version 5. Click the OK button. cardsx

Cardax Ft Controller pdf

The In-service relay is used to signal an external alarm if the Controller fails. The security of the installation ultimately depends on the way the Cardax FT Cabinet is installed. The cables should stow neatly and be held in place by the cable clamps fitted into the base of the Cabinet.

The Gallagher Controller R has on-board connections for with variations for the Gallagher Controller R shown in brackets:. These contacts close when the Controller is powered up, and remain closed until either the power is removed or there is a ‘Catastrophic Failure’.

Following full antistatic precautions, disconnect all cables from the Cardax FT Controller Unused Unused Boot normally. Refer to Component layout within this Installation Note for the location of the serial socket.


Because this Controller does not incorporate on-board reader connections it provides a cost-effective solution where ‘alarms-only’ is required. The cabling between GBUS devices should be done in a daisy chain or serial format, i. Standard and High Specis a processing board for an intruder alarm and access control system.

Switch on power to the Cardax FT Controller The differences between the two variants are shown in the following table: Ensure that the power to the Cardax FT Controller is switched off and disconnected.

Providing flexible configuration options to meet specific site requirements, Gallagher Controllers:. Cardax FT Controller Documents.

Unused For factory testing only. The Settings in bold specify the default new installation startup configuration. The Cardax FT Controller integrates much of the functionality of the original No private key or certificate loaded. Switch off the power supply to the Cardax FT Controller. Communication between Cardax Carfax Controllers and lower level hardware items uses two Cardax-proprietary data communication formats.

The software is powerful, The Controller has dropped its code. The Enter Network Password screen displays.

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