There are freely available drafts of both versions of the Standard, although an accessible C89/C90 draft with ISO section numbering is not. C18; C11; C99; C89 / C90 / C95 The latest freely available working paper (draft) by WG14 is N The latest defect report. For those who are interested, here is the latest freely available draft of the You may be able to find a copy of the C89/C90 draft standard here.

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If a converted pointer is used to call a function that has a type that is not compatible with the type of the called function, the behavior is undefined. If the active position is at or past the last defined horizontal tabulation position, the behavior is unspecified. The constant expression in each case label is converted to the promoted type of the controlling expression.

A function type is characterized by its return type and the number and types of its parameters. A full expression is an expression that is not part of another expression. Otherwise, if one operand has type long int and the other has type unsigned int, if a long int can represent all values of an unsigned int, the operand of type unsigned int is converted to long int ; if a long int cannot represent all the values of an unsigned int, both operands are converted to unsigned long int.

The semantic descriptions in this Standard describe the behavior of an abstract machine in which issues of optimization are irrelevant. The external representations in a text file need not be identical to the internal representations, and are outside the scope of this Standard.

The C89 Draft

An assignment operator shall have a modifiable lvalue as its left operand. The value of at most one of the members can be stored in a union object at any time.


Array and structure types are collectively called aggregate types. Aug 23 ’13 at The type qualifiers const and volatile respectively designate const-qualified type and volatile-qualified type. The type specified for the identifier ident in the various forms of declarator is described inductively using this notation. This page was last modified on 4 Januaryat In the function call.

The Standard

All such objects shall be maintained outside the function image the instructions that comprise the executable representation of a drat on a per-invocation basis. Entering an enclosed block suspends but does not end execution of the enclosing block.

Corresponding lower-case and upper-case letters are different. When a value of integral type is converted to floating type, if the value being c8 is in the range of values that can be represented but cannot be represented exactly, the result is either the nearest higher or nearest lower value, chosen in an implementation-defined manner.

You can buy the standard from ISO. Successive subscript operators designate a member of a multi-dimensional array object. A plus sign indicates an addition, a minus sign a deletion, and a vertical bar a replacement. The array-subscript [] and member-access. Dragt shall be an implementation-defined mapping between the delimited sequence and the external source file name.

The integral promotions are performed on the controlling expression. There are several commercial validation suites; the owner c899 one of them, Perennialmaintains a page where it lists compilers and libraries that it has certified to C Two types have compatible type if their types are the same.

The operand of the prefix increment or decrement operator shall have qualified or unqualified scalar type and shall be a modifiable lvalue. However, where no consistent practice could be identified, the Committee worked to establish clear rules that were consistent with the overall flavor of the language.

A composite type can be constructed from two types that are compatible; it is a type that is compatible with both of the two types and has the following additions: The preprocessing tokens within a preprocessing directive are not subject to macro expansion unless otherwise stated.


A pointer to a union object, suitably cast, points drft each of its members or if a member is a bit-field, then draf the unit in which it residesand vice versa.

There shall be no more initializers in an initializer list than there drsft objects to be initialized. A null character is then appended. The operators and shall occur in macro-defining preprocessing directives only. All declarations in the same scope that refer to the same object or function drsft specify compatible types.

A bit-field declaration with no declarator, but only a colon and a width, indicates an unnamed bit-field.

ANSI C – Wikipedia

A statement specifies an action to be performed. An else is associated with the lexically immediately preceding else -less if that is in the same block but not in an enclosed block. Similarly, the program fragment 1E1 is parsed as a preprocessing number one that is a valid floating constant tokenwhether or not E is a macro name. Otherwise, if either operand has type double, the other operand is converted to double.

At the end of its initializer list, the array no longer has incomplete type. Within a structure object, the non-bit-field members and the units in which bit-fields reside have addresses that increase in the order in which they are declared. An arbitrary integer may be converted to a pointer.

The page c standard redirects here, so a convenient short url for posting to Usenet is: Any library facilities available to a freestanding program are implementation-defined.

In addition, a member may be declared to consist of a specified number of bits including a sign bit, if any.

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