Bullshot Crummond has all the right ingredients: scheming villains who’ll stop at The answer lies, I think, in Ron House’s year-old script. Bullshot Crummond () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. moronic female lead – the actor playing her co-wrote the script and, remember, it is satire!. Hugh “Bullshot“ Crummond, tries too hard to be funny. At first the authors of the script make Bullshot seem like a brilliant Dudley Do-Right.

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It is obvious to the audience but not the characters. It has a wealth of top notch comedy and acting talent.

The character is bald so the actor must be comfortable with wearing crummohd latex bald cap or shaving head. Despite the s setting there is no mention of his being a Nazi, but MacNeile seems to have despised all Germans, regardless of their political affiliation.

Bullshot Crummond | Samuel French

Simple, representational set pieces to convey an apartment, a wcript, a spooky castle. The Count, along with his lecherous wife, is out to rule the world by stealing a secret fuel formula from a brilliant professor, who is saddled with a dipsy, unmarried daughter who has a speech impediment and a bad recipe for scones. Sherman is hilarious as Captain Hugh Bullshot Crummond.

Path Created with Sketch. There are, I think, two reasons for this. Its subtle and downright silly all at the same time but desperately clever. Much of the humour is ‘end of the pier’, such as the unseemly bulge in Crummond’s underwear, and the Fokker reference, but the film’s no more smutty than your average ‘Carry On’.


Have you given a moments’ thought as to what you intend using for brains? David LandauNikki Stern.

Bullshot Crummond (Theatre) – TV Tropes

Palin, a gifted comic writer, could perhaps have got something out of this story. Ron House started his theatrical career as member of the 2nd City Company in his native Chicago.

Dick Clement was not a good director. There was evidently a vogue for sending up the adventure stories of the interwar years during the eighties, because this was the period which also saw Michael Palin’s “Ripping Yarns”, a series of parodies of “Boy’s Own” adventure stories. I’ve done pwetty well without bwains so far!

Bullshot Crummond Auditions

At first bullshkt authors of the script make Bullshot seem like a brilliant Dudley Do-Right, able to deduce facts as quickly as Holmes himself. This is very much a ‘let’s all get together and make a spoof on Bulldog Drummond’ venture, as the three lead actors, Shearman, Diz White, and Ronald House, all wrote the script.

Facing his version of “Carl Peterson” or “Dr. Algy Longwort An upper class English twit with a school boyish manner. He would be played on the big screen in silents and talkies more than two dozen times in a career spanning five decades.

Captain Crummond is portrayed as an accidental hero, who wins through despite all of his failings.

Only grave robber’s,vampire’s and insomniac’s like myself got a chance to see this fine British gem. Murder on West Moon Street. There is a definite attraction between her srcipt Crummond. In the s the fictional English flying ace Bulldog Drummond, created by Hector ”Sapper” McNeil, solved crime after crime in the manner of an airborne Sherlock Holmes or, if you prefer, a retrograde James Bond.


The cast by itself should give you a fair idea of whether you’ll like it. The first is that parody is something that works scri;t in small doses. Find showtimes, cru,mond trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on dcript phone or tablet! His only real importance to the script is to provide a lightning fast quick change bit between him and Otto.

In the immortal words of The actor changes between the characters instantly. There were a number of films based on the “Bulldog Drummond” books some of them, oddly enough, made in America rather than Britainbut I have never seen any of them.

The hero Shearman is here renamed Captain Hugh bulslhot Crummond, his nickname being a play on that of MacNeile’s original hero and on a vulgar expression which I would probably not be permitted to use on this site, but which translates as “the faeces of male cattle”.