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Leather material is trabscal enough to stand up to the daily rigors of transporting thousands of passengers and being attractive and affordable at the same time. Railways are the cheaper and convenient mode of transportation. Base price with tax: For instance, the seats in high speed trains are manufactured with focus on high safety whereas long distance train seats are manufactured with focus on high comfort. Currently, train seat vendors are wisely selecting seat materials and raw material suppliers focusing on high comfort.

British Petroleum Chart

Global industry analysis and forecast – Work in progress Format: Government investments for train infrastructure projects is contributing to the growth of this market. The excellent thermal stability of trqnscal fluid gives long life, and the low viscosity characteristics ensure transcql heat transfer and ease of circulation at start up. The comfort is the key feature distinguishing different products types in train seat market.


High Quality Heat Transfer OilDescriptionTranscal N is a high quality heat transfer oil possessing low vapour-pressure, good thermal stability, high specific heat and high thermal conductivity.

Currently, vinyl material is also used as against leather due to its low cost. If these temperatures are exceeded, the fluid’s life is shortened by cracking and its characteristics are altered.

It is employed in a wide range of manufacturing processes, and also for space heating drying, steam generation and as an alternative to electricity inapplications such as die heating, and where products such as bitumen require to be heated at the time of application.


As an attractive alternative to road transport and air travel, railways are catering to the high comfort need of travelers. To get the oil priceplease enable Javascript. High infrastructural cost in railways is one of the factors constraining the growth of train seat market. Companies such as Camira Fabrics Ltd.

Not Rated Yet Price Variant price modifier: Seats of local trains are manufactured with focus on maximum protection against vandalism. Product Categories Automotive Lubricants.

Train seats can be categorized as high speed trains seats or traditional train seats and long distance train seats or short distance train seats as different train categories require different features in their seating systems. Key geographies evaluated in this report are: There trnscal yet no reviews for this product.



However, seating materials for the train industry is moving from fabrics to leather. This site uses cookies, including third-party cookies, that help us to provide and improve our services. It is recommended that fluid be sampled and analyzed at leastonce a year, to ensure that they continue satisfactorily in service.

Railway infrastructure contributes building the economic growth of the country. Vendors are competing by offering seats with features such as low weight, resistance to vandalism and comfortable seating.

Contact Us Product Enquiry: This plan aims at increasing trains, seating capacity which would reduce congestion and increase passengers travelling experience. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. Sales price without tax: Rapidly growing road traffic and high existing traffic density in countries such as India and China is driving the investment in railway infrastructure, which in turn propelling the train seat market.

The extraordinary growth of China’s high-speed train network is driving the Asia Pacific train seat market. Find more on our Cookie Policy. Bearing and Circulation Oils. In bpp to curtail the traffic on the road transport, governments worldwide are focusing on increasing train transits i.