A Right to Be Hostile is the Third book in The Boondocks Comic Strip has pages and was released in September 23, The Boondocks A Right. Filmmaker and author Michael Moore wrote the foreword to A Right to Be Hostile: The Boondocks Treasury by Aaron McGruder, from which the. And, so, reading A Right to be Hostile: The Boondocks Treasury in feels more familiar than it should. Some of the conversations are dated.

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A Right to Be Hostile: The Boondocks Treasury

Aaron McGruder, care of his very bright, aggrieved and [therefore] cynical main character, Huey Freeman, tackles subjects such as street hosile state violence, the environment, learning needs, mental health, and even our mortality, with incredible insight and wit. To put it another way: This was the only comic of any kind that enjoyed mass approval through the social cliques of my horrid middle school life.

I agree with most of his politics, and he does take an occasional and deserved poke at the Democrats, but if your politics lean conservative, this probably isn’t for you.

Their grandfather receives the boys’ inheritance money and combines it with his retirement money to move them out of the South-Side to Woodcrest a fictionalized version of one of Chicago’s many white suberbsand hence the series’ name Though that back-story itself could have warranted a series. Nov 11, Marc rated it it was amazing. What great characters, engaging in the fight for justice while being able to find the humor in taking themselves too seriously.


A Right to Be Hostile

Jul 30, Kajah rated it it was amazing. Way more than just a cartoon strip. Enter Aaron McGruder who is neither white, interested in not giving offense, nor toothless.

Three Rivers Press- Humor – pages. Nov 29, Ken Moten rated ritht really liked it Shelves: One of two collections of the daily Boondocks strip produced howtile Aaron McGruder. What I like about this book is that while it is deep and sometimes dark it can still make you laugh, which was the difference between me giving it five stars instead of four. This is the first of Aaron McGruder’s series of “Boondocks” comic books. Louis Rich from their home in Chicago to the white suburban enclave of Woodlawn.

He is a repository of radical left-wing politics and fundamentalist Black Nationalism and reading this book again has me seeing how much those two things clash.

The Boondocks daily comics are mostly awesome and this collects a chunk of them. Return to Book Page. Jan 06, Dave rated it it was amazing.

He of course sits back down, crestfallen.

Riley is the younger of the two grandsons and represents the ignorant apolitical wannabe thug stereotype. And how on earth can the most truthful thing in the hostle be the comics?

A Right to Be Hostile | The Boondocks Information Center | FANDOM powered by Wikia

This volume takes us from the end of the Clinton years to the beginning of the Iraq War and it is polemical with everything dealing with politics and culture. I must say that my overall impression of the book, was just what I had expected from Aaron McGruder. And just a the prologue says “the revolution wasn’t televised, it was the comic page”.


Considered in book form, it verges on overkill. This seems dated, hence my 3 star level enjoyment. I appreciate the truthfulness that he brings to subjects that may be taboo to some In the intro, the author states that he did not enjoy writing the strip for most of boindocks run and loves the excellent adult swim show. He presets controversial ideas.

It was really fun to see the evolution of This strip from its beginning; it really changed tone after but the basic flavor was still there. Aug 29, Mehmet rated it it was amazing. Dec 09, Jackie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Newton and his younger brother Riley, a young want-to-be gangsta, the strip explores issues involving African American culture and Hodtile politics.

A Right to be Hostile: The Boondocks Treasury – Aaron McGruder – Google Books

Through the leftist Huey named after Huey P. Who listens to conscious black kids? Some of the best social satire being done today. Other books in the series. I had boobdocks heard of then his comics in the back of newspapers, and I had heard the controversy they stirred. At the time and now, the political parts resonate with me, but as I am older and wiser the criticisms of culture, boonocks the Black Nationalist critique of nearly everything to do with African-American culture rubs me wrong.

Three cheers for Aaron McGruder!