From the author of the national bestseller Innumeracy, a delightful exploration and explanation of mathematical concepts from algebra to zero in easily. Review. Beyond Numeracy by bestselling author John Allen Paulos is, according to the introduction, “in part a dictionary, in part a collection of. Maybe there is a royal road to mathematics, after all. If so, Paulos is motoring on it in the driver’s seat with this wide- ranging follow-up to his.

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In particular, I think the applications of Russell’s paradox offer a number of intriguing applications when applied to the social sciences. Paulos does a great job of making mathematical principles and ideas make sense to those that don’t typically like math.

Dec 10, Fraser Kinnear rated it liked it. Refresh and try again. His next offering was this little number if you’ll pardon the punan “uncommon dictionary of mathematics” to quote the front page.

Beyond Numeracy: Ruminations of a Numbers Man

What we don’t understand will hurt us. Anyway back to Paulos. This was an interesting trip through the mathematical theory landscape.

Yet Paulos does not trivialize. Aug 01, Shelly rated it really liked it. Most of the chapters describe a mathematical concept, but they don’t go in to sufficient depth to add something for someone that is generally familiar with math, and they don’t contain enough passion or even enthusiasm to draw in people that may be exposed to some of these concepts for the first time. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Quotes from Beyond Numeracy.

Beyond Numeracy by John Allen Paulos

Paulos beoynd a mathematician who is passionate about being being “mathematically literate” and his first book covers a lot of the common misconceptions of the average layperson when it comes to mathematics. Treat it more like an encyclopedia than anything else, but I’d reach for this before wikipedia, if only because I enjoy his writing style and clarity so much.


I think he thought I was smarter than I actually am, as a lot of this book was too deep in mathematical detail for me to be really interested in it. Mar 24, Tom Owens rated it really liked it.

If I were to make one critique it would be with the flow.

Be the first to discover new talent! There were a few interesting tidbits, but overall, I didn’t enjoy it too much. Unfortunately, I spotted at least one flagrant mathematical myth: You might find some of the earlier heyond pass you by a bit if you aren’t from a certain school of mathematical thinking.

First time in paperback. Math is in a sorry state here.

For example zeno’s paradox comes last. And allem is just that, it is a journey through a whole host of mathematical concepts ranging from Area and Volume through Calculus, Trigonometry and Pi to more abstract concepts such as Fractals, Human Consciousness and Platonic Solids.

I like that he approaches math in a way that is digestible to the masses as math is just a language and should be able to be described as such. Making the numbers work for you. Mathematics is a language with structure and logic, elegance and beauty.

Beyond Numeracy : An Uncommon Dictionary of Mathematics

Honestly, there’s nothing really wrong with “Beyond Numeracy” per se. Fractals are in the middle. I use selected chapters in my community college lectures. The small, bite-size artciles are insightful, clear and an alldn of what popularizing mathematics should be like; Fun to read as it was to write. However it is worth persevering with because there are some fascinating sections and Paulos’s love for his subject shines through.


That being said, I did learn some interesting things about mathematics that I didn’t know before. His clearly stated objective is to right the wrongs that drill, formulas, and endless exercises have wrought in high-school classrooms. In the course of veyond, Paulos introduces the reader to mathematics ancient and modern: Mar 30, Matthew rated it really liked it.

One final note, the time line of great mathematicians is great. He synthesizes the theory behind the paradox into simple English that is very digestible.

Beyond Numeracy – John Allen Paulos – Google Books

It combines humor and numbers, provides relief to those who fear numbers or math, it gives insights into subjects ranging from basic math to Calculus and beyond, and finally it provides details as to why math literacy is so important to have! Bridging the two are those mathematical excursions into number theory, set theory, or non-Euclidean geometry that turn out to be models of the natural world-of the way flowers grow, quarks interact, or how the universe is shaped.

May 01, Heather rated it really liked it. That said, Paulos is a jjohn writer, so if you don’t have a very mathematical background but are willing to be convinced that it really is cool stuff, I would recommend checking this book out.

Books by John Allen Paulos.

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