RNE NOTES, United Press Association. — By Electric Te4egraph.— Copyright. Received October 29, a.m. Melbourne, October 2ijs. Quote from: box on July 17, , pm So if you did 1, you’d be betting IGNIS would be worth more than NXT. Quote Originally Posted by Kellhound View Post. If they are being forced to pay for .. Im betting gold (KelThuzad Server) for 3 days.

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Brangdon Hero Member Karma: Brangdon on July 18, Go look at my predictions for the election 6 months prior.

Qutoe one of my biggest concerns that has not been addressed is the following: I am usually so far ahead of the game I sometimes feel like Nostradamus. For one, it isn’t a item they are mandated to handle, the budget is, second there is a reason I put “” around it. Very interesting conversation here indeed. Please login or register. Unfortunately you aren’t even making sense.

All times are GMT. Page 42 of First Is not that a significantly difficult approach?

Originally Posted by Aeluron Lightsong. Why wouldn’t a potential child-chain entity, just release their own coin? At least in the sense of being consistent. And if I don’t want to pay for the benefits for straight couples?


Lets have a discuss THE CHOICE we all have pending, regarding your NXT and IGNIS

Because of the loads of economic data to back it up. Sebastien Hero Member Karma: The future seems overly complex and layered. Originally Posted by Kellhound. Perfect gridlock for a nation in gridlock. Jacinto on July 18, We live in a society. In fact, would like to know if the market price of nxt will affect the amount of IGNIS in exchange for it? I am loving every minute of it. And let’s be real — only a slim minority of the opposition to marriage equality has anything to do with paying for benefits.

VanBreuk on July 20, Is it some kind of pyramid scheme? Originally Posted by zenkai. Yeah, like pulling statistical “most” out of thin air. Jake-R on July 20, The time now is Something like that anyway?

Muenzpraeger on July 19, Originally Posted by Wells. Yes, yes it is. Entropy won’t yield to you. However, if in a majority is elected after using passing gun control as a major portion of their campaign, then they would have a “resposibility” to do so.

We don’t get to pick and choose where our tax dollars go.

And third, you like to pick and choose what matters for popular opinion. I don’t generally come to these forums to change people’s mind, but when someone has pretzel logic that I can’t make heads or tails out of it’s frustrating. If it were just emotion like Rafael Cruz why bother? But the senate and president should go along with repealing Obamacare because a plurality of americans are against it even though they also won their elections with Obamacare on the table.


EDIT — not to mention that in the senate and president won their majority while running on Obamacare, so technically everything is playing out as it should by your “logic” I guess. July 20, Eventually I we will be awarded some Ignis based on my Nxt balance at the time.

I’m guessing, but if things go well, it shouldn’t be a problem keeping up with NXT which still has it’s uses.


What is the point of hundreds of child-chains? He’s saying when people bitched about “Insert political debate that the Republicans supported and other people were told to stfu and deal with it. Show the most recent posts.