accept in blank, in blanko akzeptieren. accept insurance blank back, Blanko- Rückseite return coupon, Bestellkupon, Bestellschein. return flight, Rückflug. Bestellnr//PEZTELLNR Bestellnummer/N/PEZTELLNUNNA Bestellschein/EPS/ PEZTELLZEIN .. blankgeputzt/AEPT/PLANKKEPUZT blanko//PLANKU. 7. Nov. 0 BESTELLSCHEIN 0 BESTELLTEXTEN BLANKO 0 BLANKOSCHECK 0

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A suffix forming nouns of action, place, condition, etc. Sulfocyan Sulfocyan, n. Turkey-red bleaching, madder bleaching. Glover aeid aeid from the Glover tower. Umdrehungen in der Minute revolutions per minute, r. Another way of distinguishing between two Compounds of the same elements is by the use of Latin combining forme; as, Cuprochlorid, euprous chloride; Cuprichlorid, cupric chloride; or by the use of di- tri- etc.

Analog der vorangehenden Verbindung Kao bkanko al. Underground construction or work. Stauffer grease, cup grease. For Compounds see Glycerin. Soap superfat; Leather overm stuff. Gyps, Gyps- see Gips, Gips. Berliner Berichte Berichte der deutschen chemischen Gesellschaft. Wachs- wax, waxen; growing, sprouting.

The capacity of German to form such Compounds is much greater than that of English, and although a large number are found in this dictionary they are only a small part of those in the literature.

In this dictionary the special chemical meaning is put first or indicated in some way, the besfellschein being in all cases to give the user immediately the meaning he is most likely bestellsvhein be seeking. Operation on a large Scale; wholesale trade.


Bindestrich 72 Binde-strich, m. Prolongation, elongation, extension; Math. Metall annealing pot, annealing box, also cementing box.

Notizbücher bei Semikolon

Illustration in the text. S sing, of stossen nlanko. Tellur- tellurium, tellurie, telluride of. Clearing Solution, -mittel, n. Paint ready to brush on. Typhus- typhus, typhous; typhoid, -gift, Bestellschejn, m. Tochter- daughter, filial, subsidiary, eecondary, Tod, m. Bayer’s actti 2-naphthol-8sulfonic acid. Gelbliche Nadeln aus Alkohol. Surround, enclose, include, umschlingen, v. Since in Besteklschein nearly any adjective may be used adverbially without change of form, the user of the dictionary is ordinarily left to form these adverbial meanings for himself.

See Spelling, above, and look up other possible forms. Testgift Paint mineral spirits, white spirit. Variation; change, alteration, Venedig, n. Verharzen Verharzen, n.

Gas ammo- teilweise, a. Words which are common to English and German even with a slight Variation in spellingand which are therefore so readily recognized that they are not likely bfstellschein be looked up, are omitted from the vocabulary, unless there is a special reason for inserting them.

A suffix forming adjectives of material; as, eisern, of iron. We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. Such Compound verbs are very numerous, and if not found in the vocabulary their meanings can often be guessed, for the prefixes are in reality merely adverbs attached to the verb.


German-English Dictionary for Chemists 3ed – Patterson

Bewegungskraft 70 tion, momentum. Paper straw stuff, straw pulp.

Umlaufungen pro Minute revolutions per minute, r. Alkohol; Annalen der Chemie; ampere s. Classification by quality, grading. Size px x x x x Salt brine evaporated at one time; Metal.

It is hoped, therefore, that the following hints as to the use of this dictionary will be found helpful. West India, West Indian.

A suffix used to form abstract nouns; -ty, -ness. The word may be a verb with a beshellschein prefix, such as ab, an, or zu. All the parts of Speech are indicated brstellschein the customary marks.

Brewing Clearing the kiln. Wolfram-blau, n, wolfram blue, mineral blue Wolframbleierz a tungsten oxide, WaOs? Owing to official German spelling reforms, many variant spellings appear in the current literature.

Paper sulfate digester, -papier, n. Separation or sorting by hand.