In January , Joomla announced the release of it’s CMS version as an update of version and we start to see some really great. Joomla / Tutorial – Lesson 1 – Introduction. de Site Skills. Belajar Joomla Tutorial Bab 3: Creating sections and categories. de Encik Baloot. Cara Cepat Melakukan Instalasi Joomla via Fantastico CPanel Hosting.

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Gambar yang dipilih akan kelihatan dalam Article Text.

And it worked a charm for me. Several English proverbs and the Malay pair. Kesan kedudukan fail gambar yang berada dalam komputer anda.

Klik artikel yang anda mahu kemaskini dan masukkan gambar. Here, you indicate the path to file you’ve just upload liek this: Setakat ini, terdapat hanya satu artikel sahaja dalam Penyelenggara Artikel Artikel Manager. Pilih gambar terlibat dan klik Open. Tutorial kali ini pula bertujuan untuk kemaskini artikel yang sedia ada, dan masukkan gambar ke dalam artikel.

Please enter a package directory How can I solve this problem? Paparkan laman web anda di pelayar web dan lihat perubahan Rajah 4.

Gunakan kemudahan muat-naik media Upload files dengan klik butang Browse di bahagian bawah skrin. I got this error a lot and it beoajar because the real plugin file was inside the zip i was downloading from the plugins sites. At last after a long hard effort. This series contains 8 tutorials with step-b Klik pada butang Image seperti dalam Rajah 4. When I tried like your suggest, the result was same, Jookla still cannot installed component or modul extensions.


I can’t install fabrik component and fckeditor 2.

: Kemaskini artikel untuk memasukkan gambar

This is one of my Android phone, bought specially to test our m-DictionaryApp project. Manual signature with URL removed. If yes, create a folder “toinstall” in your joomla folder, then upload the zip file of the component there. Kemaskini artikel untuk memasukkan gambar.

How many hours can one spend on the most basic part – installation? When I tried with your suggest, I get this message ” Please enter a package directory “. Try some path definition like add the joomla base folder or “.

40+ of the Best Joomla 2.5 Templates

So then I got pissed off … thought madly?. Project relies on revenue from these advertisements so please consider disabling the ad blocker for this domain.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Last edited by pe7er on Mon Jun 02, Simple Calculator with Spinner — Android Code. Unable to write entry This forum is for general questions about extensions for Joomla! Hebat perisian ini, sila download untuk Firefox anda.


Sebelum itu anda mungkin ingin memuat turun gambar berikut sebagai contoh. I also tried in localhost. It has two textboxes to receive two numbers decimallist of mathematical operations w I know all about did you mean. Untuk memasukkan gambar dari komputer anda, gambar tersebut perlu dimuat-naik ke dalam pelayan web terlebih dahulu. Selepas selesai klik Insert pada sebelah kanan atas skrin Rajah 4.

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You can check it before trying to install it. I think all of them is not right method, or may be the own Joomla 1. This tutorial is tested on Honeycomb 3. If you’ve checked the permissions and the safe mode disabled, in my case the component had an error could not be unzipped so i downloaded it again.