Free printable and easy tab for song by Eric Clapton – Before You Accuse Me Acoustic. Tab ratings, diagrams and lyrics. Choose and determine which version of Before You Accuse Me chords and tabs by Eric Clapton you can play. Last updated on EC “unplugged”: Before You Accuse Me. On “Journeyman” he played the electric version (also fantastic), on Unplugged the acoustic version on his Martin guitar.

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A short look at the notes: No problem — the same note can be played on several places. Maton Messiah At some point I’ll get around to adding text about all my guitars, but right now I have bigger fish to fry! The songs starts with a nice intro, the licks can be used for other songs too. So you can start playing rhythm to the song….

Get the feeling first!

The bends are mostly quarter tone bends, the slides are over one or two frets. Gefore included an audio sample of playing the A chord this way. A tab is in the archive. The only thing which is a bit different is the guitar solo.

Before You Accuse Me guitar tab – Eric Clapton Cream tabs

To understand why these chords can be used, we need the A minor scale, which is identical to the C major scale except the root note: Start slowly with a steady bass picked with your thumb, than add the licks. The end is for you to find out….

All other strings can be left in standard tuning. I Agree Read more.

Tab: Before accuse me

Enough scale thinking now. Lay Down Sally Nice easy Stage 2 songs using just A, D and E but like many of the other easy songs there is some scope for making it harder and developing the song as you get better Lonely Stranger is a slow ballad written by EC in the key of E major.


The chords in the unplugged version are nearly identical:. Look at the original Layla if you want to know why this chords can be used.

Eric Clapton – Unplugged

A few things may help learning this: Juan Alvarez nylon string classical guitar On March 20,the 4-year old Conor Clapton climbed accidentally out off an open window and fell from the 53rd floor to his death from a Manhattan apartment, where his mother was staying. The song is from Jesse Fuller —a folk Blues musician who also played with Douglas Fairbanks! This song is tabbed almost completely, so that you have something to play without the need of learning the basics or the scale before.

G II II Ibbbetc. All time classic Eric Clapton song and in this lesson we’ll look at an easy version for beginners taking their first steps into blues and also an accurate to the original recording version for more advanced players: An eternally popular ballad with a great rhythm part and a fun lead line, this is a rightly popular song for more advanced b Martin Malted Milk is a peculiar song.

The notes for the first part are: If you play this song on a nylon string acoustic which usually have wide fretboards and your fingers are too short, play it with barre chords, that means pressing down all strings on one fret with your index finger and adding the rest with the other fingers.

Signe was named after a beautiful yacht he chartered when he started writing songs. Lay back… Chords you know, I suppose…: If you play it followed by a G major chord you can hear the tension created by the sus4 is seeking resolution to the 3rd of the major triad. And the reason these scales where developed from the natural minor was exactly this — the need for a strong dominant 7th!


We need the end, playing around the G chord:. We learn all the songs.

Crossroads Riff is pretty straight on, but the end turn around is a bit tricky ; Great tune to get under your fingers and start unpljgged with your mates! The chord progression of the solo is the same as above This solo contains many standard licks, which occur also on other acoustic Blues songs, for example Malted Milk.

G D Em7 C Lately You know the chords, you know why, you can play it now. Next vocals follow unlpugged the endplayed with the strings snapping on the fretboard:.

Before You Accuse Me guitar tab

It belongs the other minor scales we know from the basics — the harmonic and the melodic minor. II IstrumstrumI IC chord–G chordC chord-G chordI IhI II II 0: OK, on with the song now.

To get the feeling for it, I have made a tab of only the bass notes, they are played with the thumb: The timing was perfect, because they needed a song about loss and I had plenty of them. The tab I noted here is as always in standard tuning. We have a 12 bar quick change Blues, so we know already the chords noted for the first verse, the rest is the same:.

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