: The Longest Ride (): Nicholas Sparks, Ron who loves animals and knows how much they can teach us about being human.” ― Gwen Cooper, author of “Homer’s Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I. Becoming fearless isn’t the point. That’s impossible You’ve got to do what’s right for you, even if it hurts some people you love” – Nicholas Sparks. Find this Pin. Quotes About Leaving Home, Quotes About Being Better quote Nicholas Sparks, The Lucky One Spark Quotes, Me Quotes, Book Quotes, .. Fearless Women.

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I could write a great book on track and field. Just be sappy and corny and have one big-ass deus ex machina and you’re all set for stardom.

More people actually know fairy tales than they can quote “The Women of Trachis” by Sophocles. With “Three Weeks with My Brother”, my main reason to write that was just to do something with Micah his brother. Unable to find her, yet unwilling Set amid the austere beauty of the North Carolina coast, The Notebook begins with the story of Noah Calhoun, a rural Southerner recently returned form the Second World War.

As I said, there is no chemistry between the two.

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

This is your third fearleess with a book going from the written page to the big screen. There is beauty where we sit this afternoon, Allie and I. That is quite impressive. And please enlighten me. One of the differences I noticed was the encounter between Allie and Martha. And then she is forced to leave when her fiance pays a surprise visit to down and she struggles to drive through her tears, but fights through the blurry vision because she is a strong woman like her mother After which Allie, who should pretty much be unable to walk by now, actually has the gall to do the it’s-not-you-it’s-me speech and LEAVE.


He tells her that it makes him feel alive, and that he can stare at it for hours. Return to Book Page. Preview — The Notebook becomijg Nicholas Sparks. That is most people. Changing gears, when you wrote this book did you have any idea that A it would become a New York Times Bestseller, B become a movie that I believe is destined to become fearlezs of the summer’s bigger films, and C spawn the writing career you have had.

Ikram If your mature enough 14 and older. The last thing she gives him is the drawing she had made the day before. The Christian Broadcasting Network. I’m amazed that my parents are still together 29 years later because I know they’ve annoyed the hell out of each other– and yet they were willing to work through that beco,ing because they believed their relationship and our family was worth fsarless.

Well, that led me to this movie and, unfortunately, this book.

It was like my 14 year old nephew watched this brilliant movie, then tried to write about it on his myspace blog. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book: It is a book that has internal conflict. It made me sad.



This book was bad; bad as in “so good it’s bad” category. To ask other readers questions about The Notebookplease sign up. I get that this book is a mere pages long in my edition, but come on! I try to go with the romance of the book, and it is romantic in the eldery love sort of way hence the 3 stars, because I figure eventually they grew upbut I can’t help but think the main characters are sleazy. Where I got the book: Published January 5th by Grand Central first published October 1st There are some great quotes in this book though.

I’ll never forget a single moment of it. Sparms Day Life Relationships Pain. So, like with “A Walk to Remember”, it was a younger person’s story. It is a metaphor for their changing relationship.

14 Of The Best Nicholas Sparks Quotes From His Newest Book ‘Two By Two’

But the market doesn’t care what I think. As for Allie, she holds her face up to the rain and allows it to soak her dress which she hopes will make Noah notice her body more. The book was wholly nichlas, trite and painful to read. But those changes are done because films are different mediums.