Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), in the version promulgated on 14 January 1 BDSG in der Praxis: wirksames Instrument oder zahnloser Tiger”, Juris, RDV. Local Court Rockenhausen, judg. of –2 C /16, juris = ZD § § 32, 33 BDSG-new, BT-prints 18/ of , in the version of the. BDSG: Bundesdatenschutzgesetz: Kommentar by Peter Gola et al. Call Number: KKA B37 Commentary on Germany’s.

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Much criticism focused on the fact that information can be rather easily excluded from disclosure on grounds of public security and fiscal interests of the government.

However the list also covers offences not covered by the directive, such as those committed via telecommunication. This reputable report recommends reducing the number of laws governing specific details of privacy protections and creating one general statute, which would only refer to more detailed regulations where necessary. Section 24 Processing for other purposes by private bodies. Section 3 Processing of personal data by public bodies.

Section 48 Processing of special categories of personal data. The Arbeitskreis is coordinating the campaign against the introduction of data retention in Germany.

It therefore allows customers to pay and checkout automatically by pushing a loaded trolley past a sensor. Section 31 Protection of commercial transactions in the case of scoring and credit reports. Ina new system to electronically collect tolls for trucks using the national highways was launched.


German authorities have also recently proposed implementation of a video surveillance system at toll collection points, to ensure that trucks from other countries are paying the proper tolls on the autobahn.

The chips will be attached to all products.

EPIC — Privacy and Human Rights Report

Section 67 Conducting a data protection impact assessment. Section 60 Right to lodge a complaint with the Federal Commissioner.

Section 57 Right of access.

Section 79 Data transfers bddg appropriate safeguards. Germany has one of the strictest data protection laws in the European Union. Section 49 Processing for other purposes.

Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG)

Upon discovery, the mechanism of the camera was changed to reduce the angle of observation. The Telecommunications Interception Ordinance of January 22,which lays out specific technical requirements, remains in force until its successor will be issued under the Telecommunications Act of TKG by the German government. Chapter juriis Legal basis for processing personal data. Section 62 Processing carried out on behalf of a controller. After much debate between the ruling coalition parties Social Democrats and Christian Democratsit was decided to store the fingerprint data neither in a central nor in local databases.


Sub-chapter 1 Processing of special categories of personal data and processing for other purposes. Germany also implemented in the StPO the possibility of using a so-called IMSI-Catcher system to track individuals trough the location of their cell phones. Part I Common provisions. However, there is still much discussion about how to include Voice over IP.

Section 70 Records of processing activities. Section 55 General information on data processing. Section 15 Activity reports. Parliament also has to ensure by procedural rules that law enforcement agencies e. Further, user data may be demanded if necessary for the enforcement of intellectual property rights.

Section 64 Requirements for the security of data processing. This effectively will include the possibility to access the retained data bdssg in cases of copyright violations via peer-to-peer networks.

Chapter 3 Data protection officers of public bodies. A few proposals for this law have already been circulated.

According to a common standpoint of the DPAs inthe Federal government implemented special data protection measures in the laws governing toll systems: Section 22 Processing of special categories of personal data.