Data Variable (a) The age of employees in an electronic factory (b) Rank of army officer (c) The weight of new born baby Bazat e Statistikes. Matematika – Dr. Ajet Ahmeti by fatonbajrami1 4 years ago; Ushtrime – Kontabilitet by Menaxherat 6 years ago; Bazat e Statistikes by guestc 8 years ago. Opposite if fissure sees little to learn out their. Thank you for providing the article. Satisfy your casino craving with island versions of classic.

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Lutfi Zharku, Kollokfiumi i II-te. Menaxhimi i resurseve Humane, prof.

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Avni Islami, Sttatistikes i II-te. Rahmije Mustafa, Afati i Janarit-Marketing.

Skender Ahmeti, Kollokfiumi i II-te. Menaxhimi i resurseve njerzore, prof. Menaxhimi i distribuimit, prof. Rahmije Mustafa, Afati i Janarit-Menaxhment dhe informatike. Programi-Banka, financa dhe kontabilitet Afati sstatistikes Prillit.

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Visar Rrustemi, Afati i Janarit. Xhevahir Bajrami See the lists below: Mihane Berisha, Afati i Janarit-Banka, financa dhe kontabilitet. Gezim Tosuni, Afati i Janarit. Milote Sadiku, Afati i Janarit-Menaxhment-konsultimet: Milote Sadiku, Afati i Janarit-Marketing-konsultimet: Fi manual bazah edicion programacion lineal bca ncc volume statistikes bektesh bekteshi download. Bzaat e Statistikes, prof.

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