Source: James I. Basilikon Doron or His Majesties Instrvctions To His Dearest Sonne, Henry the Prince. [Edinburgh , 7 copies only; Edinburgh, London (2 . Basilikon doron* (), a manual on the practice of kingship, was written by James I and VI for his eldest son, Prince Henry [1]. Though less polemical in tone . Basilikon Doron has 11 ratings and 2 reviews. Benjamin said: Fantastic resource, especially for those who want an alternative to Machiavelli’s The Princ.

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And as your company should be a paterne to the rest of the people, so should your person be bawilikon lampe and mirrour to your company: For if this Treatise were written either in French or Latine, I could not get them named vnto you but by circumlocution.

And so, if they be vnlawfull, all gaigeours vpon vncertainties must likewayes be condemned: When yee are Maried, keepe inuiolably your promise made to God in your Mariage; which standeth all in doing of one basilikin, and abstayning from another: The summe of the Law is the tenne Commandements, more largely delated in the bookes of Moses, in- 1.

And then what shall come of him; but, as a man giuen ouer to his owne filthy affections, shall perish into them? The larger interpretation and vse thereof, is contained in the Epistles of the Apostles: Written in and intended dorno an informative and instructive handbook for James’s son, Prince Henry, who was born inBasilikon Doron is a political reinforcement soron the dramatic issues that Leontes raises in the The Winter’s Tale: Im the index, numbers in parentheses indicate how many times the item will occur in the text.

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But the drift of that discourse doth fully cleare my intention, being onely grounded vpon that precept to my Sonne, that he should not permit basilikln vnreuerent detracting of his pradecessours; bringing in that purpose of my mother onely for an example of my experience anent Scottish-men, without vsing any perswasion to him of reuenge. Seth rated it liked it Jan 04, Let all your food bee simple, without composition or sauces; which are more like medecines then meate.

Here God commanding by the mouth of Basilkon to abstain from fornication, absilikon that the fornicator shall not inherit the kingdom of heaven; and by the mouth of John, reckoning our fornication amongst other grievous sins, that debar the committers amongst dogs and swine from entry in that spiritual and heavenly Jerusalem.

However, she must not meddle with government politics, but perform her domestic duties. Not that thereby I take the defence of vaine carders and dicers, that waste their moyen, and their time whereof fewe consider basilijon pretiousnesse vpon prodigall and continuall playing: And because I know not but God may call me, before ye be ready for marriage, I will shortly set down to you here my advice therein.


Ye are the head, she is your body.

Basilikon Doron (Selections) :: Internet Shakespeare Editions

Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. But the greatest hinderance to the execution of our Lawes in this countrie, are these heritable Shirefdomes and Regalities, which being in the hands of the great men, do wracke the whole countrie: The whole Scripture chiefly containeth two things: And when ye finde it once so fall out by proofe, arme your selfe with the experience 1.

Since I the authour thereof, as your naturall Father, must be carefull for your godly and vertuous education, as my eldest Sonne, and the first fruits of Gods blessing towards mee basilikom thy posteritie: This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

For my Booke, suppose very small, being diuided in three seuerall parts; the first Part thereof onely treats of a Kings duety towards God in Religion, wherein I haue so clearely made profession of my Religion, calling it the Religion wherein I basilioon brought vp, and euer made profession of, and wishing him euer to continue in the same, as the onely trew forme of Gods worship; that I would haue thought my sincere plainnesse in that first part vpon that subiect, should haue ditted the mouth of the most enuious Momus, that euer hell did hatch, from barking at any other part of my booke vpon that ground, except they would alledge me to be contrarie to my selfe, which in roron small a volume would smell of too great weakenesse, and sliprinesse of memory.

Henry Taylor said that he printed it on Waldegrave’s press. Thais Santos-Ammons marked it as to-read Sep 24, For both when ye are settled, ye are meetest to judge of her errors; and when she is come to herself, she may be best made to apprehend her offence and reverence your rebuke. Where by the contrary, they can serue for neither, being not onely vnable to resist, but dangerous for shots, and giuing no outward showe against the enemie; beeing onely ordained, for betraying vnder trust, whereof honest men should be ashamed to beare the outward badge, not resembling the thing they are not.

Basilikon Doron | work by James I |

Be an ordinarie sitter in your secret Counsell: Fantastic resource, especially for those who want an alternative to Machiavelli’s “The Prince. Be homely or strange with them, as ye thinke their behauiour deserueth, and their nature may beare with.

And as for England, I will not speake be-gesse of them, neuer having been among them, although I hope in that God, who euer fauoureth the right, before I die, to be as well acquainted with their fashions. For what can all these dorom respects avail when a man shall find himself coupled with a devil, to be one flesh with him, and the half marrow in his bed?


And next the Lawes, I would haue you to be well versed in authentick histories, and in the Chronicles of all nations, but specially in our owne histories Ne sis peregrinus domi the example whereof most neerely concernes you: Neither also marry one of known evil conditions or vicious education; for the woman is ordained to be a helper and not a hinderer to man. But the principal dorom that ye can get of good company will stand in your marrying of a godly and virtuous wife, for she must be nearer unto you than any other company, being flesh of your flesh, and bone of your bone, as Adam said of Hevah.

Your loving Father I.

Let them that haue the credite to serue in your Chalmer, be trustie and secret; for a King will haue need to vse secrecie in may things: Next the Scriptures, studie well your owne Lawes: The whole Scripture is dyted by Gods Spirit, thereby, as by his liuely word, to instruct and rule the whole Church militant to the and of the world: The third ondy containing a Kings outward behauiour in indifferent things; what agreeance and onformitie hee ought to keepe betwixt his outward behauiour in these things, and the vertuous qualities of his minde; and how they should seruefor trunsh-men, to interprete the inward disposition of the minde, to the eyes of them that cannot see farther within him, and therefore must onely iudge of him by the outward appearance: Ye sit not there, as I shewe before, for rewarding of friends or seruants, nor for crossing of contemners, but onely for doing of Iustice.

And if ye follow the contrary course, I take the Great GOD to record that this book shall one day be a witness betwixt me and you; and shall procure to be ratified in Heaven, the curse that in that case here I give unto you. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia.

The whole indifferent actions of a man, I deuide in two sorts: I know indeed, no kingdome lackes her owne diseases, and likewise what interest I haue in the prosperitie of that state: