A hasan hadith, narrated by Ahmad (6/) and Abu Dawud (1/46) in Kitab al- taharah, bab al- siwak. Fath al-Bari, 2/, Kitab al-jumu’ah, bab al-siwak. We have read in the first Book that the love of Allah is the highest aim of a true believer. It is for the achievement of this single end that he affirms his faith in Him . Bukhari, Sahih: kitab nikah; bab man tafa nisa’ihi (also Anas bin Malik). Ibid., kitab nikah; bab Dawud, Sunan: kitab al taharah; bab ha’id. Malik, Muwatta: kitab.

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He was asked about saying prayer in the sheepfolds. He took a bath after each intercourse. If he does so, he has done well; but if not, there is no harm. She should consider the number of nights and days during which she used to menstruate each month before she was afflicted with this trouble and abandon prayer during that period each month. When a person who is sexually defiled wants to eat, he should perform ablution. If he does so, he has done well; if not, there is no harm. He then went away to relieve himself.

I then took to him another vessel for ablution. He then performed ablution and wiped over the socks. He then took a piece out of it and continued to chew it until he uttered the first takbir AllahuAkbar of the prayer.

I embraced Islam after the revelation of Surat al-Ma’idah. These privies are frequented by the jinns and devils. The woman having bleeding after delivery puerperal haemorrhage would refrain from prayer for forty days or forty nights; and we would anoint our faces with an aromatic herb called wars to remove gaharah spots.


He had a tight-sleeved Syrian woolen gown. It would atone for his sins for three days more.

He then narrated the tradition in a simmilar way but did not make a mention pf tayammum. Accompanied by my mother and aunt I entered upon Aisha.

Narrated Abdullah ibn al-Arqam: Narrated Al-Miqdam ibn Ma’dikarib al-Kindi: We were in the company of ‘A’ishah. Ibrahim al-Taimi did not hear anything from ‘A’ishah.

Bab Taharah

Musaddad, a narator, reported: They brought forward ‘Abd al-Rahman b. She was the wife of Abdur Rahman ibn Awf. None amongst you should urinate in standing water, and then wash in it. We mentioned things that render the ablution void.

Bab Taharah | Bulughul Maram

All this time I was looking at him. He then washed his right arm uptp the elbow three times, then washed his left arm in a similar manner; then wiped his head; then washed his right foot tahatah times, tauarah his left foot in a similar manner, and then said: I am ashamed of consulting him because of the position of his daughter. Huraith also wiped over the stockings. He performed ablution and offered the noon zuhr prayer.

The other carried tales.

AbuAbdurRahman, has this not been forbidden? He then asked for water and wiped his shoes. What is above the waist-wrapper, but it is better to abstain from it, too. He then used the tooth-stick and performed ablution while taharqh was reciting the verses: My father Mu’adh doubted this.


He did not narrate it to me, but said: You are sturdy and vigorous people; hence display your power for religion. Explaining the meaning of the words ghassala and ightasala that occurs in tradition Sa’id b. He was asked to show proper respect and give it to the elder of the two. I informed him of the cause which impeded me from washing. That tahaarah only due to a vein: When tahwrah are purified, wash it and pray in it. Abdur Rahman ibn Hasanah reported: He then poured water with the right hand or the left hand; he then washed them upto the wrist; he rinsed the mouth and snuffed up water three times.

He the enemy then shot three arrows. A’mash transmitted this tradition saying: I found the Messenger of Allah may peace be upon him addressing the bzb. Narrated Abu Sa’id al-khudri: A taahrah brought him a vessel containing water and a wash-basin. Narrated Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-‘As: Hamnah said my menstruation was great in quantity and severe. Ibn Abi Mulaikah was asked about ablution.

I said to her: He tried to get his forearms out of the gownbut the sleeves of the gown were too narrow, so he entered back both his hands, and brought them out from beneath the gown. Ali came upon us and he had already offered prayer.