Axxon Intellect Enterprise is a remarkably advanced IP-based physical security. Axxon Intellect’s video analytics – smart video detection tools, smart search in. Documentation for other versions of Intellect is available too. INTELLECT Software Package Search Axxon Intellect System Security.

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The camera shift detection tool notifies of reorientation of a camera in space. This detection tool is especially needed in situations when a camera is located within reach and can easily be turned. Axxon Next State-of-the-art open-platform intelligent video management software Learn more.

Core Functionality

Search video footage to investigate and prevent fraud. Over IP devices integrated.

Management Industry Awards Patents Careers. MomentQuest2 allows for quick retrieval of video footage thanks to metadata stored with each image.

Become a Partner Technology Partners. Product Axxon Next – video analytics Axxon Next video management software includes the following video detection tools: Become a Partner Technology Partners.

Management Industry Awards Patents Careers. Stop blacklisted people and high rollers at the door. When used in access controlfacial recognition can also be part of a Time and Attendance system. Intellect Enterprise Physical security information management software platform Learn more.

Product News Axxon Next 4 Released! We look forward to continuing the relationship with AxxonSoft.

The criteria line crossing, motion in area, movement from one area to another, etc. POS Intellect is a security solution for retail enterprises that allows to: Count the total number of visitors and unique visitors. Access control systems A person applies an access card to the reader. The client’s choice went to the Intellect Enterprise, developed by AxxonSoft. Axxon Intellect Enterprise uses three components: With our cameras, accessories, network infrastructure and Axxon software solutions, we are able to realize not only small projects, but also demanding and large projects.


Axxon Intellect Enterprise – RAILCAR and CONTAINER Recognition

Search and find with Forensic Search You can specify the following search criteria via the FS user interface: Thus the end client’s decision was the result of deliberation and a great deal of research. It offers not only the best product on the market, but AxxonSoft is also offering an extremely interesting license model for customers. People counting The people counting detection tool counts the number of people who go from a certain area to another and back again.

This advantage is especially valuable for large systems, intfllect it makes it possible to quickly install and start using Forensic Search.

AxxonSoft continues to refine and expand the Axxon Intellect PSIM, one of the company’s flagship products for comprehensive security management. We’ve got more than of them. E-Plus needed to transform a scattered arrangement of cameras into a modern, integrated system with support for future expansion, hardware additions, and new instruments and functions.

Axxon Intellect Enterprise | AxxonSoft Limited | IFSEC Global Directory

Management Industry Awards Patents Careers. Axxon Intellect surveillance protects offices of German mobile giant E-Plus. When it determines a given degree of similarity inetllect or lowit triggers the system to lock or unlock a door, send an alert to security personnel, and so on. Not a member yet?


Axxon Intellect’s Video Analytics

E-Plus was in a situation similar to that faced by many businesses: With the detection tool, it is possible to view the “warmest” places at a retail store or any other trafficked location thanks to corresponding visual cues on screen. Axxon Next is best-in-class, new-generation Video Management Software that is based on open standards to offer a truly open platform.

Become a Partner Technology Partners. Operators can instantly pinpoint where a selected camera is located on the map and identi Today’s municipal security goes far beyond the monitoring of selected sites. I agree More info.

Financial Homeland Security Industrial. Any of these tools can be fine-tuned to track a specific object: Global Offices info axxonsoft. Over 4, specialists are employed by the company in Germany.

Global Offices info axxonsoft. You can specify the following search criteria via the FS user interface: Imagine a system that’s intelligent enough to interpret people, actions and events and enforces fast, automatic actions when necessary. These events can be attached to specific system actions, such as beginning recording, sending axzon signal to the operator, displaying the image on a separate monitor, or starting a complicated custom script.

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