24C 24C 64K-bit/32K-bit. 2-WIRE SERIAL CMOS EEPROM. JANUARY Full pin-to-pin with ATMEL and MICROCHIP. • 8-pin PDIP. STMicroelectronics 24c64a EEPROM are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for STMicroelectronics 24c64a. 24C64 datasheet, 24C64 pdf, 24C64 data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Atmel, 2-WireSerialEEPROM.

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By deveshsamaiya – August 17, 8: By burhan – February 26, 5: Thanks for this wonderfull turorialI am working on project where ahmel IO is very limited, this is perfect as I will be storing a large structure in the memory which wont change that often so E2 is perfect for this.

Here is I post your library with comments on russian on my own site.

Why it is happening please help me. By somesh pandey – December 19, 2: By Serhiy – August 12, 1: Navigation Home Store 24c4a.

AT24C64A-PU27 AT24C64A-PU AT24C64A AT24C64 24C64A-PU27 ATMEL NEW IN STOCK ICSHOU Integrated Circuit

Consider these as storage cells so while storing and retriving data you have to tell the chip which cell location you want to read. By Aymel – March 20, 6: As I know default freq.

By Michal – September 12, 6: By mozard – March 21, 4: Ziaur Rahaman – May 2, 5: By Avinash – March 24, 6: I will write more indept tutorial on I2C in comming days and in this tutorial I will give you easy to use function that you can use without any knowledge of I2C interface.


By somesh – February 14, 7: Dear sir, I am using AVR micro controller, atmega 16, in need to communicate TWi interface with other micro controller, I am using code vision for the complier.

Yes thats the beauty of I2C bus. I am using AT24C04 what kind of modification i should do in your code to make it compatuble to 24C But its not running or somewaht else after this.

Atmega32u4 8bit avr microcontrollers microcontrollers. By Karthik – July 12, 2: I think 224c64a byte of data would be enough.

How to connect / use ATMEL 24C16 EEPROM chip?

By Romil Gupta – April 13, But from scratch I could learn AVRs 24c64w a week!!! It whows write error at address and.

Its displaying C ,ie 67 in lcd for both the values.

By mozard – March 25, 1: I got my hands on an at24c kbit 32 kbyte serial eeprom. EEReadByte unsigned int address.

Compare this with a CD R disks they can be recorded only once. And how to connect if I want to have more than one of these eeproms attached? Hi look your email to see my lib. By Bikash – August 11, 7: Please provide a link to this page. Anyone knowing the reason?


By nikhil – March 26, 2: By Syamsul Arifin – May 11, 6: The master will then issue a read command to the slave, fetch the data and process. This functions initialize the communication channel. By sajith – July 28, 8: Get quote online easily: I have tried running the exact functions but unsuccessful, pull upresistors used on my devlopment board are of Offer 24c64a fudan from kynix semiconductor hong kong limited. By Syamsul Arifin – May 14, Each slave on it have a unique address, thus many slaves can be connected in parallel in same bus lines.

Can you enlighten me on that. By mohamed – October 30, 6: By Avinash – August 12, 9: Post a help request.

2 Pcs Atmel IC Chip DIP 8 Laptop EPROM Atmel452 24c64a P127 a 4g579c

Post your code in the forum. Adding external i2c eeprom to arduino 24lc this tutorial was originally posted on the website, which now seems to be no 2c464a with us, so we have reproduced it here. By ali – January 3, 3: