One of the most important festivals of Telugu people is atla taddi. It comes after Also there is an interesting story in the olden days. Atla Taddi is the festival which falls after Dasara every year. It is one of the most This festival is a Telugu equivalent of Karva Chauth, a prominent festival of North India. Atla Taddi as the Read the story of Atlataddi vratam.

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Atla Taddi is the festival which falls after Katya every year. Top hill station in Andhra Pradesh. The princess replied that she explained them the whole story. Select Agent with whom you booked trip Other.

Lord Shiva and parvathi appeared before her then she yelled her pain to them. Enter your email id. Following are customs in some places of Andhra PradeshIndia:. To fulfill those dreams they do some vrathas and pujas. The vrata is performed mainly for worshipping moon to obtain prosperity of woman, happiness in family. While giving vayanam the woman who is giving and taking the vayanam has to cover the vayanam with their saree pallus.

Thursday, November 8, This is the main ritual on Atla Taddi Bhogi. August Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Atla Tadde

On eve of this day, they apply Gorintaku Mehndi on their palms. Qtla your mobile no. She has performed the atla taddi nomu with her friends with pure devotion. Telugu woman mark Atla Taddi by keeping a day-long fast without food or water.

Repeat this for Ten years. Coz I am doing a thesis on telugu rituals and songs.

Completion of the vratha is marked as udyapana. Fasting has to be done till evening even without drinking water. While inviting them we have to give them oil, Sunni pindi bath powder and kunkudukai Reetha Soap nuts for taking head bath. In the evening, women perform poojaand after looking at the moon, they break the fast by having tiny atlu miniature dosas.


They observe fasting till the evening. The above process has to be done for 10 years. Have a happy pregnancy: Women sing folk songs like atla taddi aaratloi, mudda pappu mudatloi.

She started penance under a banyan tree. Unmarried women perform Gauri Puja and celebrate the festival with utmost fervor to be blessed with a good and caring husband and great married life and married women for their marital bliss and wellness of their husbands.

They advised her to return to the palace and perform the Atla Taddi Nomu properly, by fasting until the Moon was visible. They searched for a long time and finally as they had no choice and finalized a match of one of the old persons. The princess grew up and attained the age of marriage.

Atla Tadde – Wikipedia

Kanpur Escorts kanpur escort agency in gallery independent escort in kanpur service. The vayunam has kqtha be given to the 11 ladies who already took this vayanam. So they fired grass and they have shown this as moon to her in the mirror and made her to break the fast, because of this she is not getting a good husband. Retrieved from ” https: Gauri Devi puja has to be performed.

Atla Taddi as tadxi name suggests is base on Atlu which means Dosas. Knowing that her brothers have fixed a marriage with an old person, the princess was shocked. Taddi is nothing but the short form of Tadiya atlz third day. It happens on the third night after the full moon in Aswiyuja month of Telugu timetable, and falls in either September or October in the Gregorian date-book.


Atla Taddi 2018

She thought that she had performed the Atla Taddi Nomu and as a result of performing the Vrat she should get married to an young person only. As per the process the princess had to eat only after seeing the Moon. Kudumulu 5 for gauri devi for yourself teluug other muttayuduvu 5 each and on 4 kudumulu you put one over the 4 and make it as deepam and eat the same after your pooja when the deepam is as yet lighting.

Take dinner along with them. In the evening, women perform pooja, and after looking at the moon, they break the fast by having tiny atlu miniature dosas.

Story of Atla Taddi: It occurs on the 3rd night after the full moon in Aswiyuja month of Telugu calendar, and falls in either September or October in the Gregorian calendar. Telugu lady check Atla Taddi by keeping a day-long quick without sustenance or water. To all these 11 ladies you give each 11 atlu with deepam made of rice flour and ghee and lit in front of goddess Gowri you offer each lady the vayanam by holding with your sarees palluor kongu After Atlataddi Bhogi day, Atla Taddi festival is celebrated.

Prepare rice, mudda pappu plain dalgongura chutney, curd and eat the food with ghee before kaths.