Common Name(s): Goncalo Alves, Tigerwood, Jobillo. Scientific Name: Astronium spp. (A. graveolens and A. fraxinifolium). Distribution: From Mexico southward. Astronium graveolens. Family: Anacardiaceae. click to print or download the file format. Goncalo Alves. Other Common Names: Palo de cera, Palo de. Astronium graviolens is a tropical to sub-tropically occurring species of flowering tree, occurring from the Yucatan region of Mexico southward through Central.

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Abasolo, Colonia Centro, A. Bacterial strains and antibacterial assays: Knife Handles 33 – Embassy of Gabon in Japan.

Exterior General 1 – Tabela de resultados de ensaios fisicos e mecanicos. Beams 11 – Prospect: Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment.

Goncalo Alves

Prismatic crystals in the ray cells. Heartwood is typically a medium reddish brown with irregularly spaced streaks of dark brown to black. Journal of Essential Oil Research Agricultural Tools 44 – Atlas of Peruvian Woods. Sliced Veneer This species is interesting for slicing.


Polishing The wood can be polished and finished very easily. Crossties 8 – Maderas latinoamericas.

Astronium graveolens – Useful Tropical Plants

Jr Gentleman in Goncalo Alves. Grain can be straight, but is usually wavy or interlocked. I am new to woodturning and I just used this wood to make a tea-light holder.

Blake Astronium gracile Engl. Goncalo Alves, Tigerwood, Jobillo. In this study we aim to chemically characterize the essential oil of A.

The wood is very resistant to moisture absorption, which can make it difficult to glue. Usually most common reactions simply include eye and skin irritation. Tools reinforced with carbide-tipped blades and cutters are recommended. astronoum

Vessels solitary and in short radial multiples. The inhibitory activity of A.

Astronium graveolens ยท

Flavour and Fragrance Journal MIC was determined in the range of 0. Odor It has no discernible odor or taste.

Heavy Packing 47 – Arvores Brasileiras. Goncalo Alves endgrain 10x. Resistance To Impregnation It is reported to xstronium extremely resistant to preservative treatment. The timber is fine-grained, dense and durable, and resistant to rot.


Astronium graveolens Images

Jennifer C March 10, at Journal of Chromatography A Finishing No grain filling is required to obtain a smooth finish. Drying Defects Ease of Drying: Vivien Hall September 16, at 6: This species is reported to present narrow buttresses of.

Chemical composition and antibacterial activity of Astronium graveolens Jacq essential oil.