Buy ASTM D R TEST METHOD FOR INSOLUBLES IN USED LUBRICATING OILS from SAI Global. Standard Test Method for Insolubles in Used Lubricating Oils. Status: Withdrawn ยท Replaced by: ASTM D Buy this standard. Price: SEK. PDF. sponsored by ASTM Committee D02 on Petroleum Products and Lubricants and .. INSOLUBLES IN HYDRAULIC FLUIDS in used lubricating oils. D

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Toggle navigation Toggle search. To understand why the results of the pentane and toluene coagulated insolubles test did not coincide with TGA and membrane filtration ast, it is important to know how each test is performed and understand the underlying theories.

Oil Test Centrifuge | ASTM D

The same procedure should be employed when comparing values obtained periodically on an oil in use or when comparing results determined by two or more laboratories. Click here for 6-place Centrifuge See detailed specifications Available accessories Request asrm quotation Download a brochure pdf More products in this subcategory. Setafuge Hazard Reduction System The optional Setafuge Hazard Reduction System prevents the uncontrolled release of hazardous vapours from the centrifuge.

Basically, this test separates insolubles from the oil after it has been mixed with solvents. Active view current version of standard. The instrument is sensitive to the weight of the samples and an imbalance detector stops the centrifuge if the rotor head has an imbalance of over 8 grams.

Cloud point and pour point tester PT 8. First, a pentane solvent is mixed in with the oil to separate solids and oxidation products from the oil by lowering the viscosity. In addition, if questionable test results are obtained, the laboratory can serve as a good second opinion and troubleshooter. When the sample was centrifuged, the soot was moved s893 the side of the test tube instead of being forced to the bottom with the other e893.


Therefore, test results indicated a low insolubles reading. Vapour extracted is diluted with air, and is safely discharged into a non-hazardous area. Click here for 6-place Centrifuge. Contact Supplier Start Order. Although more expensive in certain cases, these tests are more appropriate for measuring soot than pentane and toluene insolubles by centrifuge.

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To sample for soot load, a pentane and toluene coagulated insolubles test ASTM D was run on the sample and results indicated less than 1 percent solids dd893 the sample.

Standard Test Method for Insolubles in Used Lubricating Oils

The difference between the two weights pentane and toluene is the estimated soot content in the sample. You can also save test parameters as a program so they can be quickly recalled.

It provides an indication of the x893 that can readily be separated from the oil-solvent mixtures by centrifuging. The centrifuge is fitted with a safety interlock to prevent the rotor running when the lid is c893. It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety, health, and environmental practices and determine the applicability awtm regulatory limitations prior to use. Adopts frequency control technology, digital display of all kinds of parameters 3. Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard Translated Version s: Dispersant additives keep soot from agglomerating.


ASTM D893 Lubricating Oils Insolubles Analyzer

Safety features – A motor driven lid latch with a safety interlock to prevent centrifuge operation while the lid is unlocked. You can contact me online or send offline message.

It provides an indication of the materials that can readily be separated from the oil-solvent mixtures by centrifuging. Referenced Documents purchase separately The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard. For specific precautionary statements, see, and. Two lessons were learned from this discovery.

Chongqing Top Oil Purifier Co. In addition to the materials separated by using Procedure A, this coagulation procedure separates some aastm divided materials that may be suspended in the oil. You can set the rotation speed, temperature, acceleration rate and time using the control panel. Sample and chamber heating – The astk is heated by an c893 helical element. Service Commitment – TOP bring you prompt, considerate and professional aftersale service and technical support, and explore technology future together.

ICS Number Code After more investigation, the reason why one test was more successful than the other was discovered.