An American National StandardDesignation: D – 96 (Reapproved ) Designation: Manual of Fuels for Volatility Measurement (ASTM Practice. Products (ASTM Practice D). MPMS Chapter Standard Practice for the Sampling and. Handling of Fuels for Volatility Measurements (ASTM. Practice. Last previous edition approved in as D –96(20 –96(). 00). 2 For referenced ASTM standards, visit the ASTM website.

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It is felt that the data is sufficient to provide a reasonable guideline for the industry at this time. D5584 following is a brief discussion of each category: This practice does not cover sampling of electrical insulating oils and hydraulic fluids.

ASTM D5854 – 96(2015)

Each use of intermediate containers increases the potential for loss of light hydrocarbons, loss of water due to clingage, or inefficient mixing and contamination of the sample from external sources including weather.

Currentt editio Curren edition n approv approved ed June 1, The values stated in each system 5d854 not be exact equivalents; therefore, each system shall be used independently of the other. Other than ensuring the cleanliness, use of these containers presents no unusual concerns.

A superscript supers cript epsilon e indicates an editorial change since the last revision or reapproval. These mixers can be used on a variety of different aztm and atsm of sample containers. Rubber stoppers should never be used. Caps should provide a vapor tight seal. Sample Mixing Methods 8. ICS Number Code Exercise care to prevent a rise in temperature that would cause liquid or foam to boil from the sample container. System Proving Performance Acceptance Tests. The test liquid should contain no free water.

Values in Column B are calculated from the larger of 0. Depending on the particular application, the results may be averaged arithmetically or on a volumetrically proportional basis according to the proportion of the total petroleum which the sample represents.


For analytical tests using volumetrics, astmm shear mixers should be used. Power mixing is also required when the sample has been transported or stored in either a primary or intermediate container. PetroleumSafetyChemistryMaterialsNature. Internally epoxy-lined tin cans may have residual contamination and precaution should be taken to ensure its removal.

Fill the container to the selected level c5854 petroleum liquid. A means of installing security seals should be provided.

ASTM D – Free Download PDF

Care must be used when using cork stoppers. These systems need to be evaluated at installation and asm with changes in petroleum liquid, increase in free water dd5854, or minimum and maximum sample volume. Safety and Health Precautions 5. Please help us to share our service with your friends.

Sco Scope pe 1. Publis Published hed October Selection of Sample Mixing Method 9. Use of sludge solvents to remove all traces of sediments and sludge may be necessary. Handling and Mixing Samples 7.

Sample Extractor Grab Volume. Samples should be protected during storage to prevent weathering or degradation from light, heat, or other potential detrimental conditions. When dry, stopper or cap the container immediately.

Those who handle petroleum samples must be familiar with these regulations in addition to their own company policies and procedures. This is especially a consideration when using plastic for long term storage of certain petroleum products.

Second, the system must be shown to be effective or free of bias. Regardless of the test method used for water in the acceptance test, it is recommended that the acceptance test results be validated using the water test method normally used to determine water content. All equipment should be installed, operated, and maintained in a manner to minimize potential health and safety hazards.

  CI ASCE 38-02 PDF

If repeatability or system bias is not acceptable, identify and correct the problem and then proceed with re-testing. Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard. The sample in the one quart jar must then be returned to the sample container.

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ASTM D – 16e1 Standard Practice for Automatic Sampling of Petroleum and Petroleum Products

It is impossible to cover all petroleum sampling requirements and materials from which sample containers can be made. Clear glass bottles may be examined visually for cleanliness and allow for visual inspection of the sample for free water or solid impurities.

A pressure gage should also be provided. The suggested mixing time for constant speed circulation mixers is 5 min. In the case of insertion mixers, each mixer must be reevaluated for any change in type of petroleum liquid, volume in the sample container, type of sample container, change in mixing conditions such as mixing speed or mixing time and increase in free water level. Non-aerating or highspeed shear mixers are examples of insertion mixers.

When analytical tests are performed on individual samples, which is the recommended procedure, the test results are generally averaged. This practice also provides additional specific information about sample container selection, preparation, and sample handling.