An American National StandardDesignation: D – 96 (Reapproved ) Designation: Manual of Fuels for Volatility Measurement (ASTM Practice. Products (ASTM Practice D). MPMS Chapter Standard Practice for the Sampling and. Handling of Fuels for Volatility Measurements (ASTM. Practice. Last previous edition approved in as D –96(20 –96(). 00). 2 For referenced ASTM standards, visit the ASTM website.

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Internally epoxy-lined tin cans may have residual contamination and precaution should be taken to ensure its removal. We need your help! The mixer may be an integral part of a stationary sample receiver or a stand-alone unit used for portable sample receivers.

ASTM D – Free Download PDF

The open end of the plastic tubing is placed in a clean container. Mixing of the Flowing Stream. If repeatability or system bias is not acceptable, identify and correct xstm problem and then proceed with re-testing. These categories vary greatly in severity depending on the asm of analytical test to be conducted and the characteristics of the sample. Review this section before designing or installing any automatic sampling system. Combining values from the two astj may result in non-conformance with the standard.

Care must be used when using cork stoppers. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script. Publis Published hed October This annex presents the calculation of sample preparation precision, together with a sample calculation.


ASTM D5854 – 96(2015)

This practice gives information on the types of containers that have been found satisfactory for tests to determine water separation, copper corrosion, electrical conductivity, thermal stability, lubricity, and trace metal content. The sample in the one quart jar must then be returned to the sample container.

If formation water is used, the sediment and salt content must be determined. Power mixing is also required when the sample has been transported or stored in either a primary or intermediate container. Static sample removed from a storage tank; that is, thief to analytical glassware, at time of sampling.

Power mixers may entrain air into the sample that could affect certain analytical tests. Prior to further use, reusable containers such as cans and bottles should be rinsed with a suitable solvent. Exercise care to prevent a rise in temperature that would cause liquid or e5854 to boil from the sample container.

Samples should not be mixed where the analytical tests to be conducted may be affected by air which could be induced by power mixing or shaking. Size px x x x x Depending on the particular application, the x5854 may be averaged arithmetically or on a volumetrically proportional basis according to the proportion of the total petroleum which the sample represents.

Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard. The petroleum liquid used in the acceptance tests should contain no free water. Before its use, each power mixer design atsm sample container combination must be tested and proven to be effective. When a composite is required, it must consist of proportional parts from each zone if it is for a single tank.


The following is a brief discussion of each category: Sco Scope pe 1. The test liquid should contain no free water. Some petroleum samples are affected by exposure to sunlight if clear glass is used. These systems need to be evaluated at installation and reevaluated with changes in petroleum liquid, increase in free water concentration, or minimum and maximum sample volume.

ASTM D5854

This practice does not cover sampling of electrical insulating oils and hydraulic fluids. When analytical tests are performed on individual samples, which is the recommended procedure, the test results are generally averaged. Other water test methods are acceptable. We need your help to maintenance this website.

A means of installing security seals should be provided. These mixers can be used on a variety of different types and sizes of sample containers. Tests are then conducted to see if analytical water test results agree with the known baseline water plus the known water added without affecting density of the total mixture by loss of light ends.