Robert Greene é um escritor estadunidense, mais conhecido pelos livros de estratégia, sedução e poder. Trabalhou em Robert Greene, As 48 Leis do Poder. Find great deals for as 48 Leis Do Poder – Robert Greene Joost Elffers. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Title, As 48 leis do poder. Administração & negócios. Author, Robert E. Greene. Publisher, Rocco, ISBN, , Length,

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The book has been a national and international bestseller, and has been translated into 17 languages. Pretty sure Donald Trump lives by this book.

as 48 Leis Do Poder – Robert Greene Joost Elffers

Mas ajudam a entender como pessoas que almejam o poder a qualquer custo podem agir. As for Greene this was my first book I read by him well actually I’m reading it and The 48 Laws of Power at the same time. eobert

Just robertt obsessed with discipline and repetition: I of course had been a casual fan of 50 Cents music but I had no idea that behind the scenes was a man who overcame so much and intelligently clawed his way to the top. Also check out Greenes other books.

The New York Times.

As 48 Leis do Poder Adoro, lido com sucesso mais uma vez! Robert has lived in London, Paris, and Barcelona; he speaks several languages and has worked as a translator.

As 48 Leis do Poder Excelente e perfeito. If read in a way to understand the people around you and the laws they follow in their reign then it will give you more authority and power to deal with them. Muito gratificante quando vc encontra um livro que te fale algo a mais algo que vc estava precisando saber muito obrigada. I am not a sucker for anecdotes, but I like how he enforced his ideas with them.


On completing the pages of this book, I was really grateful that I didn’t try to understand it back in my teenage, lest treachery would have become a part of my character.

One law said you should be conspicuous, while you should fit in, in another. For those that say they This book does not have to be construed as a means to cruel and heartless power any more than Sun Tzu’s The Art of War should be viewed as such.

Though this is not necessarily the case. A hip hop icon joins forces with the best-selling author of The 48 Laws of Power to write a bible for success in life and work living by one simple principle: Leia mais Leia menos. As 48 Leis do Poder Interessante mas muito malvado grande parte das vezes. Tente novamente mais tarde. Nidal Amr I just finish reading the original, worth the time.

To say the least I totally loved it as it is very engaging from the start it pulls the reader inside of the book brings out a new world makes you wonder. Like it first tells you to ‘sit on the shoulders of the giants’, and then it says don’t complete what others has started because you’ll never be as good as them.

The Concise 48 Laws of Power

As 48 Leis do Poder Meio malvado, mas inspirador. Las 48 leyes del poder, son leyes fundamentales para el exito y no hay que obviarlas, hay que ponerlas en practica.


As 48 Leis do Poder Lamentavel The book usually uses the term Now here is the thing about this book; it’s mean, it’s ruthless but it’s all true. Return to Book Page. For those that say they cannot stomach this book I say they have ldis view of the world, for there is nothing on this earth that is purely good or purely evil.

As 48 leis do poder by Robert Greene on Apple Books

It is interesting as far as it goes and is greeen like the book on seduction cynical common sense about human nature and its relationship, in this case, to authority roberr power. Also it’s alot shorter and less textbooky than Greenes other books so that’s a plus. The 48 Laws of Power comprises of 48 laws that take you on a path of gaining success.

So I would want to conclude with a quote by the American guitarist, Jimi Hendrix- “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace”. Greene outlines a number of the aspects of power, giving concrete and interesting examples from history. As 48 Leis do Poder Um lado psicopata.