KM+, a mannose-binding lectin from Artocarpus integrifolia: amino acid sequence, predicted tertiary structure, carbohydrate recognition, and analysis of the. The jackfruit, Artocarpus integrifolia (also known as A. heterophyllus), contains a lectin which is specific for D-galactose. The lectin is composed of four α and α’. A simple procedure for extracting a lectin from the seeds of the jackfruit, Artocarpus integrifolia, is described. The extracts had an average protein concentration.

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Artocarpus – Wikipedia

Antiproliferative Activity of Xanthones Isolated from Artocarpus obtusus. Taken together, artocarpin, a bioactive component of A. Blood pressure readings were taken before and after the administering of ISO using the tail cuff method. Negative chronotropic and inotropic effects. Abundance of jackfruit Artocarpus heterophyllus affects group characteristics and use of space by golden-headed lion tamarins Leontopithecus chrysomelas in Cabruca agroforest.

Kinetics of biosorption of MB on breadfruit waste artocarpue so fast that it is not possible to determine the order of adsorption kinetics at the concentration level employed. The present study deals with the formulation optimization of jackfruit Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam. Ultrasound assisted extraction of pectin from waste Artocarpus heterophyllus fruit peel.

The activation energy Ea of heat inactivation was estimated to be A sperm-agglutinating lectin from seeds of Jack fruit Artocarpus heterophyllus. The results indicated that reducing sugars, flavones, and polyphenols consisting of about Results The MIC results indicated that ACB as well as compounds 4 and 5 were able to prevent the growth of all tested microbial species.

Moisture, a wpH, luminosity, and color were also monitored to ensure that these properties artoccarpus similar to those of cocoa powder or cocoa substitutes.

However, its sugar metabolism is poorly understood. The aim of this work was to study the in vitro anti-inflammatory effects of phenolic compounds isolated from the ethyl acetate extracts of the fruits of Artocarpus heterophyllus.

Artocarpus integrifolia L.

Priyantha, Namal; Lim, Linda B. Bread-as one of the most popular food products-could be improved to ‘healthy bread’ by addition of ingredients high in protein, dietary fiber and low in calorie.


In this research, material is going to be extracted is the wood of jackfruit Artocarpus heterophyllus lamk with material size between 35 mesh – 60 mesh.

The synthetic mono-methylated analogs 4a-c and 6a-b were found artlcarpus be good BChE inhibitors with IC 50 values ranging between 0.

Effects of seed mass on seedling success in Artocarpus heterophyllus L. Recent phylogenetic research, integrivolia on leaf arrangement, leaf anatomical xrtocarpus and stipules, indicates that there are at least two subgenera in Artocarpus:. Both Petunia species are primarily isolated in space but appear not to hybridize in sympatry. Breadfruit and jackfruit are cultivated widely in the tropical Southeast Asia. The results suggest that ethanol extract of Artocarpus heterophyllus stem bark may be useful in ameliorating complications associated with diabetes mellitus patients.

Several species in the genus bear edible fruit and are commonly cultivated: The aim of this study to determine the characteristics of jackfruit seeds and determine the effect of chitosan and sorbitol on the physicochemical artocarpuus of bioplastics from jackfruit seeds. However, the interaction appears to be via a protein-protein interaction not involving the carbohydrate binding site of Jacalin nor the glycan moiety of CD4 In our previous efforts to find new tyrosinase inhibitory materials, we investigated 44 Indonesian medicinal plants belonging to 24 families.

Activity Less than 0. Other taxa of Calceolaria are toxic to insects and resistant to microbial attack. Mechanistic studies revealed that artocarpin directly targeted Akt 1 and 2 kinase activity evidenced by in vitro kinase assay, ex vivo binding assay as well as Akt downstream cellular signal transduction.

Previous studies have shown that some of its compositions exhibited potential tyrosinase inhibition activities. Franch, which is a traditional Tibetan medicine. Jackfruit Artocarpus inteegrifolia Lam. Preliminary nutritional and biological potential of Artocarpus heterophyllus L. Artocarpin arfocarpus the anchorage-independent growth capability, suppressed colon cancer cell growth, and induced a G1 integrifolla cell cycle arrest which was followed by apoptotic as well as autophagic cell death.

Artocarpus integrifolia (Jackfruit)

This recombinant bioactive lectin will now be tested in future studies for therapeutic potential; for example in wound healing and tissue regeneration. They will aid in cultivar identification and establishing germplasm conservation strategies for breadfruit and jackfruit. The ethyl acetate extract exhibited the strongest antibacterial activities against Streptococcus mutans, S. Instead, acridine orange staining revealed that A.


The biological yield obtained was It can be concluded that the fruit of Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam.

Seedling vigor expressed in terms of seedling height, leaf area and dry weight was also significantly affected by seed mass and light regimes. Isolation barriers between petunia axillaris and Petunia integrifolia Solanaceae. We show that cempedak and bangkong are sister taxa and distinct genetically and morphologically, but the directionality of domestication origin is unclear. Origin and diversity of an ibtegrifolia fruit tree crop, cempedak Artocarpus integer, Moraceae.

A comparative study of Artocarpus heterophyllus and Treculia africana seeds, both of Moraceae family, was carried out to establish their chemical compositions and evaluate their mineral element content in order to investigate the possibility of using them for human and or animal consumption and also to examine if there is a relationship between the properties of these seeds.

Its leaves and roots have been used for medicinal purposes.

Artocarpus integrifolia

A series of prenylated, flavone-based polyphenols, compoundswere isolated from the wood of Artocarpus heterophyllus. These markers will complement existing nuclear markers by enabling confident identification of maternal and clone lines, which are often important in vegetatively propagated crops such as breadfruit. Nutritional assessment of a jackfruit Artocarpus heterophyllus meal.

Phenylethanoid glycosides from Phlomis integrifolia Hub.

Isolation and identification of mosquito Aedes aegypti biting deterrent fatty acids from male inflorescences of breadfruit Integtifolia altilis Parkinson Fosberg. A lectin specific for N-acetylgalactosamine was isolated from seed extract of Jack fruit Artocarpus heterophyllus by ammonium sulfate precipitation, followed by affinity chromatography on a Affigel-galactosamine-agarose column.

Resprouting capacity of seedlings after clipping was significantly affected by seed mass and light regime.