No Dt Service regulations of. APSEB. No Dt and. No Dt APSEB pension rules. to APSEB. (Revised) Conduct Regulations -Orders -Issued. -~ ~~-~-~~-~-~ in the service All Deputy General Managers/P&G Services/SPDCL/Tirupati. APSPDCL -APSEB Leave Regulations as adopted by APSPDCL -Grant of Maternity in exercise of the powers referred to in Regulation 41 of APSEB Service.

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This Code of Practice is published by the Commissioner for Public Appointments in fulfilment of his duties as set out in the Order in Council for Public Appointments as amended.

apseb conduct regulations

In the grounds for Charge III, it was stated that after the petitioner expressed his serviec to join duty he was given posting orders in Memo No. We do not find any merit in this contention. Determining the company s strategic objectives and policies.

Except to the extent indicated above, the Writ Petition is dismissed. Pay Policy Statement 1 st February Paupa Ratham Ortho are not seeing patients on the spot. The petitioner understood this very well and in his written statements dated April 5, and May 19, he sought to meet Charge VI by stating that he made the following leave applications: Ramanujam, is regu,ations to support this part of the order.

Hence, your absence from July 22, F. The second application is dated November 30, seeking leave from October 11, F. Freedom of Information Act Definition document for universities and other higher education institutions. We may also point out that in the present case the respondents applied Regulation 28 3 of Part I of the Service Regulations after giving reasonable opportunity to the petitioner reguations no question of proportionality of punishment arises.


But a departmental enquiry entailing consequences like loss of job which now-a-days means loss of livelihood, there must be fair play in action, regulatjons respect of an order involving adverse or penal consequences against an employee, there must be investigation to the charges consistent with the requirement of the situation in accordance with the principles of natural justice in so far as these are applicable in a particular situation The application of those principles of natural justice must always be in conformity with the scheme of the Act and the subject matter of the case.

No Case or Topic can be added. In Memo dated October 27, the 2nd respondent observed as follows: He had resorted to file an application seeking for leave on and off whenever it suits his convenience, with bad intentions only but not to join duty.

He has responded to this and has submitted explanation dated May 1, which was received in the S. Sevice Petitioner questions the action of the 2nd respondent i.

Supreme Court Of India19 Sep In exercise of the powers conferred by the proviso to article of the Constitution and in supersession of More information.

APTRANSCO Service Regulations, Leave Regulations – rizwanahmed’s Blog

After the counter affidavit on behalf of the respondents dated June 21, was filed, by order dated July 8, in the W. Raghavaiah during his tenure as Addl. I have posted my leave application dated October 10, from Macherla on October 11, There was no legislation then relating to trade unions More information.

The learned Standing Counsel for the Board, Mr.

We will seek to develop a business culture that reflects. Andhra Pradesh High Court23 Sep Section Date 1 1.


Apseb service regulations part iii republican

If a person is not told clearly and definitely what the allegations are on which the charges preferred against him are founded he cannot possibly, by projecting his own imagination, discover all the facts and circumstances that may be in the contemplation of the authorities to be established against him. Transparent Inspection Policy Labour Department, Haryana Transparent Inspection Policy The Labour Department Haryana implements various provisions related to safety, health, welfare and other conditions of employment under various More information.

Further I submit that at no time the authorities have intimated me that my leave is refused within 10 days from the date of my earned leave applications instructed in the S. BE it enacted by Parliament. The petitioner did not question any of the charges as vague or wanting in particulars.


Review of existing service regulations- Formation of Committee for implementing the B. Prior to Memo dated March 21, issued by the 2nd respondent to the petitioner enclosing the charge-sheet and asking the petitioner to submit reglations written statement to the charge-sheet, there was a long history of the petitioner absenting himself for long periods right from July 22,reference to which was made by the 3rd respondent in his letter No.

Section Licencing of Contractors No contractor shall undertake any work More information. You have not submitted proper leave application.