Sebond’s reasons are weak. II. Responses to the first objection () i. Reason may be used to support the truths that faith reveals () ii. Faith has not been. For a reputedly humanistic and temperate philosophy, the Apology [sic] for Raymond Sebond comes off as one of the most intemperate of. Complete summary of Michel Eyquem de Montaigne’s Apology for Raymond Sebond. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Apology for.

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It were a manifest wronging of God’s goodnesse if all this universe did not consent and sympathise with our beleefe. They have diverse qualities, which somewhat simbolize witih ours, from which we may comparatively sebonr some conjecture, but of such as are peculiar unto them what know we what they are?

Not onely in the province of Baske, but in other places, women are accounted fairest when their heads are shaven, and which is strange, in some of the Northerly frozen-countries, as Plinie affirmeth.

First for astrologie, it may well be said that man doth learne it of them: It was a bare and simple commandement whereof man should enquire and know no further: Miserable man, with all his wit, cannot in effect goe beyond it: And as for other matters; what sufficiency is there in us that we must not acknowledge from the industry and labours of beasts?

So it is, that whosoever be the author or deviser of it the title whereof ought not without further reason to be taken from Sebond he was a very sufficient-worthie man, and sebnod with sundrie other excellent qualities. I will not omit to alleage another example of a Dogge, which Plutarke also saith to have seen as for any order or method I know very well I do but confound it, which I observe no more in ranging these examples than I doe in all the rest of my businesswho being in a ship, noted that his Dogge was in great perplexity how to get some Oyle out of a deepe Pitcher, which by reason of its narrow mouth he could not reach with his tongue, got him presently some Pibble stones, and put so many into the jarre that he made the Oyle come up so neare the brimme as he could easily apollgy and licke some.

Montaigne: Apology for Raymond Sebond – Waggish

Moreover, that part gaymond natures favours which we impart unto beasts, is by our owne confession much more advantageous unto them. The delicacy of our wines is no part of her lesson, no more is the surcharge and relishing sebnd we adde unto our letcherous appetites. The forcible power of Platoes discourse of the immortality of the soule provoked divers of his Schollers unto death, that so they might more speedily enjoy the hopes he told them of.

As much as it derides the Christian apologists for saying that God will take care of it all, the Pyrrhonists fall under attack for making their practice into a dogma as well. Nor seeke they divers coats, as divers seasons bind. Of all creatures man is the most miserable and fraile, and therewithall the proudest and disdainfullest. The bird liveth by the scraps, and feedeth upon the leavings of that monster, who gently receiveth him into his mouth, and suffers him to pecke his jawes and teeth for such mamokes of flesh as sticke betweene them: She is as in the mouth of a Lawyer, and not as she ought in the heart and affection of the partie.

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A vicious passion, as that of inconstancie and astonishment is, can it possibly ground any regular production in our mindes or soules? And verily I feare therfore, that except this way, we should not enjoy it. As for husbandry, they exceed us, not onely in fore-sight raymone spare and gather together for times to come, but have also many parts of the skill belonging thereunto.

All other outward shewes and exterior apparences are common to all religious: I beleeve, neverthelesse, that if a childe, bred in some uncouth solitarinesse, farre from haunt of people though it were a hard matter forr make triall of it would no doubt have some kinde of words to expresse, and speech to utter his conceits. Plato and these examples conclude that we are brought to beleeve in God either by reason or by compulsion, Atheisme being a proposition as unnaturall and monstrous as it is hard and uneasie to be established in any mans minde, how insol ent and unruly soever he may be: Witnessing thereby that those creatures which have no voice at all, have neverthelesse mutual commerce and enterchangeable communication, whereof if we be not partakers, it is onely our fault; and therefore doe we fondly to censure it.

Montaigne: Apology for Raymond Sebond

They had charge given them, not onely of one simple moving, but of many and severall parts in the combat. Whereas in respect of our religious superioritie, we ought by much, yea by an incomparable distance, out-shine them in excellencie: Eritis sicut Dii scientes bonum et malum: I answer that it is not onely because they could not receive the instruction of the world by their eares, but rather inasmuch as the sense of hearing, whereof they are deprived, hath some affinity with that of speaking, both which with a naturall kinde of ligament or seame hold and are fastned together.

If they lose, they confirm ignorance; if you lose, you confirm it.

Because wheat doth not alwaies keep drie nor wholesome, but moisten, melt, and dissolve into a kind of whey, namely, when it beginneth to bud, fearing it should turne to seed, and lose the nature of a storehouse, for their sustenance, the part and gnaw off the end whereat it wonts to bud. For, if to depress them some would alleage it is by the onely instruction and instinct of Nature they know it, that will not take the name of science and title of prudence from them; it is rather to ascribe it unto them than unto us for the honour of so assured a schoole-mistris.

When buls prepare themselves to fight, and they raise, scatter, and with their feet cast the dust about them: Lustfull desires are either naturall and necessary as eating and drinking; or else naturall and not necessary, as the acquaintance of males and females; or else neither necessary nor naturall: Why shall we not say that it is as naturall for us to arme our selves with wood and yron?

Shall we say we have seene the use of a reasonable soule in no other creature but in man? Yet doe not I value it at so excessive a rate as some have done; namely Herillus the Philosopher, who grounded his chiefe felicitie upon it, and held that it lay in her power to make us content and wise: The Goat gets t hem with young whom he begot: They in some sort fashion and make him capable of the grace of God, by meanes whereof our beliefe is afterwards achieved apolovy made perfect.


Nor is it likely but that this vast worlds-frame must beare the impression of some markes, therein imprinted by the hand of this great wondrous architect, and that even in all things fro created there apilogy be some image, somewhat resembling and having coherencie with the workeman that wrought and framed them. As the Spider to weave and sew, the Swallow segond build, the Swan and the Nightingale musicke, and divers beasts, by imitating them, the art of Physicke: In the manner of the tunnies life may be discovered a singular knowledge of the three parts of the mathematikes.

Amongst other things he was for a long while to counterfeit and faine himself dead, because he had eaten of a certain drugge: Donec discussis redeant erroribus ad se. Of which if there were any naturall or lively description, we should generally know it, as we doe the heat of fire.

The Essays of Montaigne/Book II/Chapter XII – Wikisource, the free online library

Let the Sunne but shine hot upon raymind face, hee faints and swelters with heat: There is no hostilitie so excellent as that which is absolutely Christian. And even as there have beene found, certaine furious longings and unnaturall desires which have provoked men unto the love of beasts, so have diverse times some of them beene drawn to love us, and are possessed with monstrous affections from one kind to another: The Scholler listeneth attentively to his Masters lesson, and carefully yeeldeth account of it; now one and then another shall hold his peace: Touching magnanimitie and haughtie courage, it is hard to set it forth more lively, and to produce a rarer patterne than that of the dog which from Forr was sent unto Alexander: Generation is the chiefest naturall action: Me thinks the vilest and basest servants will never doe that so willingly for their masters which sebone are glad to doe for their beasts.

Such as ragmond resemble man are the vilest and filthiest of all the rout: They report of Apoloy that being infected with the Atheismes of Theodorus, he had for a long time made but a mockerie of religious men; sebon when death did once seize upon him he yeelded unto the extremest superstitious: Touching gratitude and thankfulnesse for me thinks we have need to further this word greatlythis onely example shall suffice, of which Appion reporteth to have been a spectator himself.

And reject those indiscreet and insolent motions which women have so luxuriously found out, as hurtfull: I omit that which necessitie in time of need doth particularly instruct and suddenly teach such as need it; and the alphabets upon fingers, and grammars by jestures; and the sciences which are onely exercised and expressed by them: Sentit enim vim quisque suam quam possit abuti.