mar. s prácou matematika či matematikára; následne spoločne alebo s ďalšími Jenčik Marián – BBC TU, Košice, SR, @ 00 Košice, Slovak Republic Technical University of Košice Faculty of [5] DRAŽENSKÁ Emília: Aplikovaná matematika. 00 Košice, Slovak Republic Technical University of Košice Faculty of [6] DRAŽENSKÁ Emília: Aplikovaná matematika.

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Designing in electrical engineering.

Technical University of Košice Slovak republic

Special Issue for the 60 anniversary of the Foreword. Miskolc, participation of 2 teams. Faculty Organization and Resources October, Stary Smokovec, Slovakia. The project supports the possibility to acquire different approaches and software products intended to promote designing of information-control systems.

Electronics and Electrical Engineering. More details about particular specialization can be found in this publication.

Creative Mathematics and Informatics. Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland, More details about particular specialization can be found in this publication. Morphological matrix applied within the design project of the manipulator frame.

Technology of 3D integration based on heterostructure in system on module assembly. Magnetization reversal in amorphous ferromagnetic microwires. The project research team considers the existence of high-quality textbooks as an important basis for mastering the subjects at the second degree of studies.


The project is focused on design of fault-tolerant control systems FTCS. Human-robot interaction in social robotics. Effect of sophisticated hybrid honeypot architecture on the efficiency of intrusion detection system in distributed computer systems. TU, Slovakia,pp. Slovak Mathematical Society Plavka, J.: Affine coherent states and Toeplitz operators.

Design and simulation of disk stepper motor with permanent magnets. Symposium of teachers of electrical machines subjects.

Research projects, which were co-ordinate by the Faculty staff members: Slovakia is a country in central Europe. TU, Slovakia,pp. A;likovana of third order trinomial delay differential equations.

Annual Report FEI TUKE

Process-driven Approaches to Knowledge Transformation. American Journal matematikka Mechanical Engineering. Mathematical Modeling and Computational Science. This project focuses on research of methods for analysis of collaborative processes, which are mediated by information systems. Member of the J. The graduates can find positions in industry product testing, controlling production processesin research and development institutes, and in testing, diagnostics and environmental centres.

The members of the Professors Board are grouped form professors and extraordinary professors of st faculty. Innovation, technolgies, and Management, P. Electromagnetic field energy flux in transformer. We are open to any discussions about educational and research aplkovana and we would highly appreciate any opportunity to meet with colleagues from other countries.

Methods will include both targeted search e. The graduates get erudition in scientific areas: Members of the department prepared new lectures on various topics of applied mathematics for graduate study and for PhD students, such as Algorithms and complexity, Theory of queues, Fuzzy sets, Selected topics from mathematics, Financial mathematics, Optimization methods, Solving ill-posed problems.


Since the third year, except several compulsory subjects, the student can choose from the list of optional subjects. At present, the research is focused apllkovana the study of magnetic properties of ferromagnetic materials and on the study of non-metallic materials using nuclear magnetic resonance NMR and some other complementary methods.

Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Vol. Optimization operations of winter maintenance of airport. Foreign language Measure theory Research project II. Efficiency and Scalability Methods for Computational Intellect. Every department elects aplikovanz staff member as a representative into the Faculty Staff Chamber of the Faculty Academic Senate.

Editor in Chief of the editorial board of the journal “Acta Electrotechnica et Informatica”. On properties of third-order differential equations via comparison priciples. International Journal of Simulation Modelling. Abstraction of Computer Language Patterns: