Ania z Zielonego Wzgórza to książka zdecydowanie wyjątkowa. Wychowało się na niej wiele pokoleń kobiet na całym świecie, choć literacka wartość powieści. Ania z Zielonego Wzgorza [Lucy Maud Montgomery] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ania z Zielonego Wzgórza [Lucy Maud Montgomery] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ania z Zielonego Wzgorza to poczatek liczacego az .

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Midway between table and bed was the window, with an icy white muslin frill over it, and opposite it was the wash-stand. Something that for lack of any other name might be called friendship existed and always had existed between Marilla Cuthbert and Mrs.

Burst into tears she did. Take off your hat.

Ania Z ZIELONEGO Wzgorza – Lucy Maud Montgomery Polska Ksiazka Polish Book JDC | eBay

Nobody ever did want me. Anne of Green Gables. Matthew enjoyed the drive after his own fashion, except during the moments when he met women and had to nod to them — for in Prince Edward island you are supposed to zieloengo to all and sundry you meet on the road whether you know them or not.

He should be here. That was the Avonlea type of well-bred little girl.

Spencer said your place was named Green Gables. Oh, here we are at the bridge. We sent word to Mrs. But Matthew was terrible set on it. Warszawa Poltext sp. But Anne could not eat.

Have we really only another mile to go before we get home? There were three plates laid, so that Marilla must be expecting some one home with Matthew to tea; but the dishes were everyday dishes and there was only crab-applepreserves and one kind of cake, so that the expected company could not be any particular company. In vain shenibbled at the bread and butter and pecked at the crab-apple preserve out of the little scalloped glass dish by her zzielonego.


Rachel knew that he ought because she had heard him tell Peter Morrison the evening before in William J. From the marsh at the head of the pond came the clear, mournfully-sweet chorus of the frogs. Rachel would have liked to stay until Matthew came home with his imported orphan. Matthew came back presently and they sat down to supper. Yet with all this Mrs.

Przeczytaj fragment w darmowej aplikacji Legimi na: She was sitting there one afternoon wzglrza early June. Spencer said that my tongue must be hung in the middle.

Ania z Zielonego Wzgórza – Picture of Green Gables, Cavendish

Marilla and Matthew looked at each other deprecatingly across the stove. Rachelrappedsmartly at the kitchen door and stepped in when bidden to do so. It was unsupposable that Marilla was making fun of her, but Mrs. They were good, you know — the asylum people. Alexander Spencer today — the mail-man brought it from the station — saying they were coming on the five-thirty train tonight.

So far, the ordinary observer; an extraordinary observer might have seen that the chin was very pointed andpronounced; that the big eyes were full of spirit and vivacity; that the mouth was sweet-lipped and expressive; that the forehead was broad and full; in short, our discerning extraordinary observer might have concluded that no commonplace soul inhabited the body of this stray woman-child of whom shy Matthew Cuthbert was so ludicrously afraid.


That is my highest ideal of earthlybliss. The air was sweet with the breath of many apple orchards and the meadows sloped away in the distance to horizon mists of pearl and purple; while. Rachel could not have been more astonished. Matthew and Marilla were grown up when the new house was built — if they ever WERE children, which is hard to believe when one looks at them. Privately she was of the opinion that Marilla Cuthbert swept that yard over as often as she swept her house.

Matthew groanedin spirit as he turned about and shuffled gently down the platform towards her. And then Nova Scotia is right close to the Island. She had expected Mrs. By the time they arrived at the house Matthew was shrinking from the approachingrevelation with an energy he did not understand. All she said might just as well have been about most of those other places.

She leaned back in the buggy, her thin hands clasped before her, her face lifted rapturously to the white splendor above. Were there no boys at the asylum? But there is so little scope for the imagination in an asylum — only just in the other orphans. Opinie o ebooku Anne of Green Gables. It used to make me want to cry to look at them.