by. Ana Sirley Calderon Flores. on 11 November Comments (0). Please log in to add your comment. Report abuse. Transcript of ANEMIA MACROCITICA. Megaloblastosis can be associated with severe anemia and pancytopenia, gastrointestinal dysfunction and glossitis, personality changes. Macrocytosis without anemia may be a normal variant and is only noted as a result of repeated peripheral RBC indices in the absence of any known or existing.

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Am J Hematol ; Reticulocyte Count A reticulocyte count should be obtained if there is evidence of hemolysis on the peripheral smear, i. The level of methylmalonic acid is not elevated in mafrocitica acid deficiency.

It is imperative that a hematologist or hematopathologist examine the marrow in order to appreciate these important, subtle, hematopoietic abnormalities. Patients with macrocytosis who are not anemic and mqcrocitica no other abnormalities noted on the peripheral blood smear do not usually need a bone marrow examination. Por lo cual, la ingesta diaria necesariamente debe aportar alrededor de 2 a 5 microgramos para cubrir las necesidades.

Its serum concentration can be used to measure the amount of vitamin B12 attached to the binding protein transcobalamin II. En la tabla I se resumen las causas de deficiencia de vitamina B The authors are grateful to Marian Menn and Veronica Tillema for providing the figures of macrocytosis in the peripheral blood smear.

These metabolites provide early information regarding the cellular state of vitamin B12 and folate and can be used to distinguish folate from vitamin B12 deficiency, since most patients with folate deficiency have normal MMA or mildly elevated levels. Macrocytic anemia can usually be divided into two categories, megaloblastic and nonmegaloblastic, based on the examination of the bone marrow.


Circula libremente en el plasma en el cual sus niveles oscilan entre 5 y 30 microgrs.

Loss of micronutrients may also be a cause. The spectrum of etiologies associated with macrocytic anemia includes nutritional deficiencies e.

Megaloblastic Anemia and Other Causes of Macrocytosis

Am J Med ; Archived from the original on 30 November No complications arise from macrocytosis itself as an isolated finding. Retrieved from ” https: Postgrad Med J ; This form of macrrocitica remains in the tissues longer than the cyanocobalamin forms and can, therefore, be given less frequently.

RBC Folate Because of the limitations of measuring serum folate, RBC folate levels have been advocated as a more reliable source of measuring tissue stores of folate. More severe degrees of abnormal proliferation and maturation are seen with myelodysplasia and myeloid leukemias. Normal MCV values range from 80 to femtoliters fl and vary by age and reference laboratory.

Megaloblastic anemia

Macrocytosis is the earliest abnormality seen in complete blood counts of patients with folate or vitamin B12 deficiency. Diagnosis of cobalamine deficiency: Effective treatment of cobalamin deficiency with oral cobalamin. Soy Brasileno, estudiante de medicina en bolivia. See Clin Med Res.

ANEMIA MACROCITICA by Ana Sirley Calderon Flores on Prezi

The language you choose must correspond to the language of the term maacrocitica have entered. Peripheral blood smear showing hypersegmented neutrophils, characteristic of megaloblastic anemia.

Lindenbaum J, Allen RH. J Clin Invest ; Iron-deficiency anemia Plummer—Vinson syndrome Macro-: This article has been corrected. Drugs Alcoholism Reticulocytosis Nonalcoholic and alcoholic liver disease Hypothyroidism Vitamin B12 deficiency Folate deficiency Multiple myeloma Myelodysplastic syndromes Aplastic anemia Acute leukemia.


Because of the high concentration of folate within the RBC, mild degrees of hemolysis can falsely macrocitlca serum folate levels. Clinical utility of serum holotranscobalamin as a marker of cobalamin status in elderly patients with neuropsychiatric symptoms. Vitamin B12 cobalamin deficiency in elderly patients. Folic acid deficiency in the United States is extremely rare because of the fortification of foods.

Serum folate levels tend to be increased in patients with vitamin B12 deficiency, presumably because of impairment of the methionine synthase pathway and accumulation of methyltetrahydrofolate, the principal form of folate in the serum. Robinson AR, Mladenovic J. This categorization is important and frequently aids in determining the etiology of the anemia.

Megaloblastic anemia – Wikipedia

Alternatively, hydroxocobalamin given in the same dose every 1—3 months intramuscularly is also effective therapy. Hoffbrand V, Provan D. Clin Ther ; Evidence-Based Gastroenterology ; 5: Mafrocitica some cases, a bone marrow examination may be necessary. Status of laboratory testing in the diagnosis of megaloblastic anemia. Arch Intern Med ; Existen tres tipos de trascobalaminas: Metotrexato, Pirimetamina, Triamtirene, Pentamidina, Trimetoprima.

Macrocytosis is a relatively common finding in the era of automated blood cell counters, with prevalence estimates ranging from 1.