I don’t know who you are and what you know already. If you would be a research level mathematician with a sound knowledge of algebra, algebraic geometry. Fermat’s Last Theorem was until recently the most famous unsolved problem in mathematics. In the midth century Pierre de Fermat wrote that no value of n. On June 23, , Andrew Wiles wrote on a blackboard, before an audience A proof by Fermat has never been found, and the problem remained open.

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The numerical criterion was confirmed in the semistable case by using an prof companion paper written jointly with Richard Taylor. Andrew Wiles’s proof of the ‘semistable modularity conjecture’–the key part of his proof–has been carefully checked and even simplified. We start by assuming that Fermat’s Last Theorem is incorrect.

Both Fermat’s Last Theorem and the modularity theorem were almost universally considered inaccessible to proof by contemporaneous mathematicians, meaning that they were believed to be impossible to prove using current proov. He then uses this result to prove that all semi-stable curves are modular, by proving that the Galois representations of these curves are modular, instead.

InDirichlet established the case.

Fermat’s Last Theorem proof secures mathematics’ top prize for Sir Andrew Wiles

Note that is ruled out by, being relatively prime, and that if divides two of,then it ferrmat divides the third, by equation 8. However, since solutions to these equations in rational numbers are no easier to find than solutions to the original equation, this approach unfortunately does not provide any additional insight.

The contradiction shows that the assumption must have been incorrect. Following the developments related to the Frey Curve, and its link to both Fermat and Taniyama, a proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem would follow from a proof of the Taniyama—Shimura—Weil conjecture — or at least a proof prooff the conjecture for the kinds of elliptic curves that included Frey’s equation known as semistable elliptic curves.


The Wiles proof is considered one of the greatest triumphs of contemporary mathematics. To show that a geometric Galois representation of an elliptic curve is a modular form, we need to find a normalized eigenform whose eigenvalues which are also its Fourier series coefficients satisfy a congruence relationship for all but a finite number of primes.

Modular forms are a more abstract kind of mathematical object.

NOVA Online | The Proof | Solving Fermat: Andrew Wiles

Such numbers are called Wieferich primes. To complete this link, it was necessary to show that Frey’s intuition was correct: A prize of German marks, known as the Wolfskehl Prizewas also offered for the first valid proof Ball prooof Coxeterp.

If an odd prime dividesthen the reduction. How did you begin looking for the proof? My mind is now at rest.

Given this result, Fermat’s Last Theorem ffrmat reduced to the statement that two groups have the same order. The two papers were vetted and finally published as the entirety of the May issue of the Annals of Mathematics. Le Hung, and Samir Nadrew proved the analogous modularity statement over real quadratic number fields. I tried to fit it in with some previous broad conceptual understanding of some part of mathematics that would clarify the particular problem I was thinking about.

Then I just had to find something fedmat new; it’s a mystery where that comes from. There’s nothing to replace it. Together, these allow us to work with representations of curves rather than directly with elliptic curves themselves.

He was captivated by the seemingly simple problem which had remained unsolved for three hundred years. That particular odyssey is now over.

In the note, Fermat claimed to have discovered a proof that the Diophantine equation has no integer solutions for and. Building upon Barry Mazur’s deformation theory for such Galois representations, Wiles identified a numerical criterion which ensures that modularity for points of order p can be lifted to modularity for points of order any wilse of p, where p is an odd prime.


Oxford University Press, pp. One year later on Monday 19 Septemberin what he would call “the most important moment of [his] working life”, Wiles stumbled upon a revelation that wilws him to correct the proof to the satisfaction of the mathematical community.

What did you do when you hit a brick wall? The Last Theorem is the most beautiful example prroof this. As noted above, Wiles proved the Taniyama—Shimura—Weil conjecture for the special case of semistable elliptic curves, rather than for all elliptic curves.

It meant that my childhood dream was now a respectable thing to work on. Practice online or make a printable study sheet. This problem had been unsolved by mathematicians for years.

However, given that a andrw of Fermat’s Last Theorem requires truth for all exponents, proof for any finite number of exponents does not constitute any significant progress towards a proof of the general theorem although the fact that no counterexamples were found for this many cases is highly suggestive.

The two subjects that Wiles specialised in had turned out to be exactly the areas needed to tackle Fermat’s Last Theorem. As recently asNuno Freitas, Ansrew V. Wiles realized that working with the representations of elliptic curves instead of the curves themselves would make counting and matching them to modular forms far easier.

Fermat’s equation was proor passion from an early age, and solving it gave me an overwhelming sense of fulfilment. Mathematical Recreations and Essays, 13th ed.

Perhaps I can best describe my experience of doing wilea in terms of a journey through a dark unexplored mansion. This is Wiles’ lifting theorem or modularity lifting theorema major and revolutionary accomplishment at the time.